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    I had not logged on to GP Interactive for some time now. What a surprise I got when I read about Keith's accident at home and his back injuries.

    Sorry to hear the bad news Keith. Hope you will recover very soon and looks like that's what is happening.? This is the time for you to do the “rhythmic breathing exercise” – it will not only help to relieve you of the pain but also hasten your recovery.

    Will be praying for your speedy recovery!

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    Finally I wish you all good luck ? I'm not claiming that this is a magic bullet but since I am completely convinced that it cured me I do feel compelled to at least share this information.”


    That was exactly how I felt when I first shared BBB.? In fact, I was delighted how effectively it had worked for me and was eager to share this what I thought was almost a “miracle cure” with others here.??Now, after about 2 years?and having learnt a lot about gout?(and people) I am more?down-to-earth. I have come to a realisation that what is good/effective to/for someone may not be so for others.? This is a reality, because we know that there are lots of variables and differing factors. As the saying goes, “One man's meat is another man's poison”.?Of course,?that's??an extreme. But, it's true that what works for someone may not be the same for many others.

    Bob, its nice of you to come and share what had worked for you and with the intention of hoping that it would be good for others too. That by itself is a kind deed and a very good gesture. We will have to leave it to our friends to decide what is best for themselves.

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    limpy said:

    Yeah, I know what you mean with all the info on here a guy doesn't feel so helpless. I felt alot better after I found this site and started reading about other people and the good results they were getting. LIMPY

    This site is not just about gout, although it is specially devoted to Gout! Here, we meet lots of friends from almost every corner of the globe – of different creed, religion, nationality and races.  Friends who share their successes and woes with GOUT, earnestly, truthfully and most importantly, unconditionally. 

    Due to our widely varied backgrounds we do have occasional differences over certain facts, ideas and opinions (e.g. medication vs natural cures).  If taken, positively, that's a very encouraging sign.  In doing so, we are actually learning from each other. We widen our perspective and outlook about more things around us.  We learn to accept and respect each other views, advices and opinions – even if we may have reservations about them because they are counter to our personal beliefs. We disagree to agree.

    Learning has no age limits and never ends. As long as we keep our heart and mind open there is a lot more we can learn and benefit from each other, especially here at GP Interactive where we care and share sincerely, unreservedly and with good intentions.

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    “…..salicylates (or anti-inflammatory drugs made from salicylic acid, such as aspirin)”

    “….Eating too many foods rich in purines can cause or aggravate gout in some people.”


    Reflecting on how my gout started, I think my gout could have been caused by the low dosage of aspirin which I had been taking on and off in the past.  Now I am not taking aspirin anymore because I have suddenly developed allergic reactions to it. I am not taking any of the other medicines you mentioned.

    With regards to food, I am still taking chicken and fish almost everyday and am not getting any gout twinges at all.  I do notice, however, that it was during the X'mas periods that I used to have gout flare-ups.  It was usually during that period that I enjoyed my favourite foods – bacon, ham, turkey and lots of other purin rich food.

    I shall be watching myself the next X'mas and see if it would happen again, because I simply would not be able to resist those delicious and mouth watering meat dishes.

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    If I am not wrong, many of our gout friends do have a weight problem. Gaining weight has a lot to do with the amount and things that we eat (INPUT) and how we dispose of the “extra” calories taken in (OUTPUT). As I had mentioned, “If we eat like a “King”, we will inevitable end up with the “King of Diseases” – GOUT.

    I do understand that it's always easier said than done.  It would need a lot of determination, drive and perseverence. Much also depends on whether we believe it's going to work for us or not.  Should there be an iota of doubt, it will never work for us because we will find the slightest excuse/reason that it's not effective. It is all in our MIND.

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    azasadny said:

    I've “officially” had gout for just over a year, but I've really had it for several years, but didn't know what the heck was wrong… I have an old (1974) Porsche 911 Targa that I've owned for 8 years. I really enjoy the car but for the past year I haven't been able to drive it very much due to the very stiff clutch pedal and the pain it causes my toe after driving even just a little. There isn't any way to reduce the clutch pedal effort as my mechanic friend and I have tried everything we can think of. I've just started Allopurinol this week and I take Aleve (Naproxen) for pain, but the clutch pedal really aggravates the toe and starts the “several days of throbbing and burning” routine that I've learned to dread.

    I guess I shouldn't complain or whine because many others have had much worse happen to them, but I'm at the point where I'm going to sell the car because I really can't drive it as much as I want and the pain after driving the car makes miserable for several days.

    Gout really does change your life, I guess…..


    Gout must have changed you life a lot and terribly so – especially for such an active person like you.  How's your Mazdaspeed3? I am sure your interest in shooting with your collection of guns has remained intact.

    As for myself, gout really did affect my life terribly. I had to put on hold some of my activities as I was terribly “disabled” – especially in mobility. Now I feel good again as I have kept gout at bay, so far.  

    Welcome to GP Interactive!  With your wide knowledge and varied interests, we shall look forward to your sharing and contributions.  

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    Gary S said:

    Consuming black bean broth (BBB) and cherries seems to work well for me when I start to feel gout twinges. They seem to work within a few hours………………………………


    I forgot to ask you this the last time – What beans did you use, soy black beans or turtle black beans?

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    When I had my horrible gout flareup I would first gulp down half a litre of BBB, followed by another half litre within 2 hrs. Slowly but surely I could feel the pain and inflammation diminishing. I would finish up the remaining of BBB within the day. The next day, it was as good as if nothing had happened – the pain was gone and the swelling subsided, leaving only some traces of softness around the affected area. So far, mostly I only had gout flareups around both big toes and only a few times at the side of my feet. BBB had never failed me. 

    I do not take BBB anymore, as I have not experienced gout flareups for many months now. I am paying more attention to my physical cndition, lifstyle and the things I eat. It does not mean total abstinance from anything but everything in moderation. I am still able to enjoy all the good things in life.

    After reading the posts by other gout friends here and learning from their experiences,  I would consider my gout as very mild compared to many other's here at GoutPal. So, maybe BBB works better for those whose gout are not at any advanced stage.  Those with serious gout problems should, therefore, seek medical advice as it could be more than meets the eye.

    Since, jlew's is a 1st gout attack, I hope it would work for her too, without affecting her plan to have a baby.  I am a person who is averse to long term medications or drugs and would avoid taking them.  So far, I am lucky to be able to keep it that way. That's also why I have so much “FAITH” in BBB – because it is NATURAL!

    in reply to: 1st attack, on anti-inflams, but getting worse, help! #9303

    Pardon me vegGuy, I am a “male” not an “old wife”, and BBB is definitely not just a “tale”! It had worked very effectively for me and many others who tried it.  It is not simply that BBB won't do any harm, to me its effectiveness is almost “miraculous” – I can vouch to that!  One thing I must say is that it may not work the same way for everybody, due to many varying factors, conditions and circumstances.

    I do agree with you that BBB should not be taken as a primary treatment or a long term solution to attack. If BBB does not work for, my advice too is to seek medical attention!

    Good luck!

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    Since this is your 1st gout, there is a very good chance that black bean broth will work for you, as it had worked for me and other people who had suffered from the horrible and painful gout flareups! Besides, black bean soup often is taken as a tonic drink with lots of other health benefits. Most importantly, it's NATURAL.  The link below takes you directly to the “magic brew”.

    Natural Remedy For Gout

    in reply to: Black Bean Broth Cherry blended drink #9213

    It's a matter of acquired taste. When I first took BBB I did not take to the taste too well – especially when I had to gulp down quite a large amount to make sure that it worked.  I added some honey to make it taste better but it did not go too well with BBB.  Then I decided to gulp down BBB without adding anything. What mattered most to me was to rid myself of the excrutiating and tormenting pain. Later, I added some ginger to my BBB and was quite pleased with it.  On top of that, I added sugar as I like my BBB to taste sweet, just as I usually did with my coffee or tea.

    Ginger and spices have all along been added to prepare black bean soup (with other ingredients) – to be taken as a tonic – in the Asian countries. Some of our friends here at GP find that ginger and spice blend very well with BBB.

    Cherries are also known to be rich in anthocyanins and had been widely recommended as a relief for gout pains too.  I see no harm in adding pure cherry juice or anything else to BBB if they help to make it taste better for you – it's a matter of personal preferences.

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    GoutPal said:

    So as not to take an excellent discussion off-topic, I'll use this forum to mention my reaction to recent posts in the black bean broth gout cure discussion.

    I was feeling good about my recent weight loss until I read how one gouty friend proclaims his regained teenage profile at 160 pounds. Another gouty friend pips it at 155 pounds.

    40 lbs loss!!! Your achievement is spectacular! Surprised

    My weight at 155 lbs is nothing to crow about because I did not do anything, but just maintaining it – with my dear wife constantly poking on my little paunch  and imposing a rationing on my favourite juicy meat dishes whenever I got closer to 160lbs.Cry  My target is at 150 lbs +/-.  Based on our standards I am classified as “obese”Frown.

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    No problems at all, GP.

    Please do whatever you deem necessary. Breaching any terms of service is the last thing that I would want to contribute to.

    in reply to: Offensive Ad #8450

    Thanks, GP for your response.  We do understand your constraints.

    I was asking just to find out how we could enhance your income through adverts.  Now, understand and know how I could contribute to that .

    in reply to: question about chinese vegs #8570


    Ouch:  “….hope its not the bok choy as I absoltuley love that dark green veg.”  

    Trev:   “The dark green reminds me of spinach ,and this is also on the 'bad' list,”

    As far as I know, dark green vegetables are high in IRON, which is not good for gout.

    in reply to: Offensive Ad #8185

    I have been moving around to other websites lately and have come to the realisation that “advertisements” are a very important source of income for websites. Most of them think of all kinds of ways to attract membership. I suppose the more members they have, or if more people logged-in the more they will receive from the advertisements.

    I am not sure how it works – especially here at GoutPal. I am not being nosey, but just to understand better and see if we could contribute as a member of GP.

    I will understand if this is something that cannot be discussed openly.

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    I checked it at wikipedia – “A”,  Frijoles Negros is Phaseolus Vulgaris (Black Turtle Bean)…..les_negros

    The visual difference is slight, but obvious when they’re side by side. Black soybeans are slightly smaller, have a shine like patent leather, and have slightly larger white spots in the concave part of the bean’s curve. Turtle beans are slightly larger, perhaps more regular in their classic bean shape, are matte black, and have smaller white spots.”…..ns-turtle/

    This second link makes me very confused !  Based on the abstract above the descriptions are totally reversed from what I had thought about black soybeans (China) and Raitip black beans (Thailand).. All along I had the idea that the larger beans from China are soybeans and Raitip are black turtle beans (based on my pics shown).

    Now, I am utterly confused about which is which! Anyway, the most important thing is that both works!


    Since you have both types you could use them separately and compare their effectiveness. Please keep us posted.

    in reply to: Black Bean Cure for Gout #8152

    Thanks, Momoy.

    Even if it's the “thai” type your feedback is very useful as it goes to show that it also works as effectively as the black soybeans. $2.50 (US$ ?) a kilo is not expensive.

    I am still not sure whether the “thai” type is  the same as black turtle bean, though it idefinitely looks different from the black soybeans.

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    Some of our gout friends from the western countries are having problems finding black soybeans. Just in case you are from area, may you could let us know your source of supply.

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    Momoy, may I know the type of black beans you used. Black soybeans or black turtle beans?

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    Thanks, but I am certainly not a genius. I learnt about BBB from a website I happened to come across when I was desperate.  I only came up with the recipe, based on a few trials and choosing the most effective.

    I am glad that BBB works for you exactly the way it had worked for me – 3 gulps and the pain and inflammation were gone! Hope it does the same to many other gout sufferers too.


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    Those are medications for treatment of Gout but not cures.

    As we had discussed earlier, Currently, there is no cure for gout, but through proper diet, a healthy lifestyle and medications, the symptoms of gout can be relieved and further episodes eliminated. Because – “……The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles…….”

    Cure, is manifested by the removal of the symptoms. Strictly speaking the removal of all the symptoms of the case is equivalent to a cure, but if symptoms disappear and the patient is not restored health and strength it means either that some of the most important symptoms of the case have been overlooked, or that the case has passed beyond the curable stage.

    As Zip had mentioned earlier – “………Thus a cure is penicillin for 10 days but a cure is NOT penicillin for 10 YEARS.

    If this refinement were given in the definition, then clearly gout, like diabetes or arthritis is NOT ever cured, just successfully TREATED.

    Bill Clinton's heart disease was not cured yesterday by installing two stents…

    in reply to: Black Bean Cure for Gout #7904

    Thanks, GP.

    At last, I managed to get my photos pasted! This is only a trial – to show the black soybean and Raitip Black beans (not too sure whether it's black turtle beans). Both were taken side by side to allow for better comparison).


    in reply to: Black Bean Cure for Gout #7884

    I took pictures to show the differences between black soybeans and black turtle beans but did not know how to post the pics here.

    My “avatar” is the pic of the black soybeans that I have been using. They are slightly more than 10mm and a bit roundish. The kernels are greenish in colour (as shown). The Raitip black beans from Thailand are smaller (10mm or less) and slightly elongated. The kernels are white in colour. The black bean that dp14 shared( has a brownish kernel.

    Honestly, I am now utterly confused!!!! Other than the black soybeans that I am using I am not sure what exactly the other “black beans” are, as they are all labelled only as “black beans”. However, I do know that the black soybeans are from the “East” while the black turtle beans are from the “West”.

    Most importantly, whatever I am using works very well for me!!!!

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    Nice to have you back!

    The “Raitip” BB is black turtle. I have compared it side by side with black soybeans. The turtle bbs are smaller, shinier skin and the kernel is light brown, while the black soybeans have dull skin and the kernel is greenish. They also taste different and the broth look different. The turtle broth has sludge-like residue and taste earthy while the soy has a clearer broth and has a more palatable taste (to me).

    I am still enjoying chicken, fish and all kinds of meat everyday and my gout has not returned, so far.  Most importantly, I always remember is to indulge in “everything in moderation”.

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    LaughGood try zip! I know you are zip(ping) around 2 play and have some fun to take away some gout bluesWinkLaughSmile

    I have unwavering faith in black soybeans because they have never failed me so far.  I suppose, the same applies to those who are using black turtle beans with good results.Smile

    in reply to: Black Bean Cure for Gout #7767

    “I think it does help but its hard to say how much. He is also eating tons of blueberries, black grapes, cherries, purple cabbage & all things purple.  He is also having Diclofenac once or twice a day.  He says though, in the past Diclofenac would never hae actually stopped a full-blown attack.  He seems to be suffering a subacute attack, not quite developing, stats to improve, comes back, now sarting in other ankle.”

    You are a wonderful wife, doing so much for your hubby to relieve his sufferings. From what you have mentioned above your have tried almost everthing you can think of, even to the extent of sending out a “reward” for black soy bean “dead or alife”Surprised. You seem to have feeling that black turtle beans are not good enough so you are searching high and low for black soybeans.

    So far, many have tried black turtle beans and are happy with it. I did mention that I found black soybeans more effective because I started with it. Sometimes, it's the way we think that influences the way how things work. I would not say it has anything to do with “faith healing” because I have my reservations about them. However, I do believe that it's about the Power of our MIND – If we think it works, it works! This topic about our MIND is very interesting and fascinating but I shall not delve too much into it here.

    So, like Zip said, black turtle beans are good enough. If you want more anthocyanins to relieve pain and inflammation, drink more gulps of it.

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    It is a matter of choice, and it depends on how comfortable one is with what he has decided on and is doing – the medical route or the natural way. There is no “right” or “wrong”.

    Whatever, “reports”, “claims” or “advocacies” are invariably slanted somehow based on the personal beliefs, opinions or agenda. I would read them and decide on what is most appropriate for myself, and that's my choice. What matters most is still whether they really work for ME.

    in reply to: Black Bean Cure for Gout #7731



    You could try the following links in UK :…..ean-040132




    BTW, how's your hubby doing with the black turtle beans?

    in reply to: Is there any Cure for GOUT? #7702

    “….is that it should add, WHEN TREATMENT IS REMOVED. Thus a cure is penicillin for 10 days but a cure is NOT penicillin for 10 YEARS……”

    Yes Zip, TREATMENTS must invariably be applied to remove the symptoms, and the mere removal of symptoms cannot be considered a CURE.

    “The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent……     Hahnemann (

    I do agree with you that “gout is never ever cured, just successfully TREATED

    In fact, most diseases/ailments cannot be cure and has never been cured, they are just successfully treated.

    Cure was not then, as it has since become in the dominant school of medicine, an obsolete term. Physicians still talked and wrote of “cures,” but vainly sought to find them. “The Art of Healing” or “The Healing Art” were familiar phrases, but the thing itself, like a will-o'-the-wisp, eluded them-then as it has ever since.”  () 

    Back to the question – Is there any cure for Gout?

    The answer – Based on an Abstract from:…..mentofGout

    Currently, there is no cure for gout, but through proper diet, a healthy lifestyle and medications, the symptoms of gout can be relieved and further episodes eliminated.


    Proper diet

    • Avoid or restrict foods high in purine (a substance that produces uric acid when broken down). These foods include: sardines, anchovies, brains, liver, kidneys, tripe, sweetbreads, tongue, shellfish (mussels and oysters), fish roe, scallops, peas, lentils, beans and an excessive amount of red meat.
    • Drink 10 to 12 eight-ounce glasses of non-alcoholic fluids daily.

    Healthy lifestyle

    • Reduce alcohol consumption
    • Lose weight


    Using medications for gout can be complicated, because the treatment needs to be tailored for each person and may need to be changed from time to time.

    To relieve the pain and swelling of an acute attack, the doctor may prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), colchicine, corticosteroid drugs, and/or adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH).

    To prevent future attacks, the doctor may recommend colchicine, probenecid (Benemid, Parbenem or Probalan), sulfinpyrazone (Anturane), or allopurinol (Lopurin, Zurinol or Zyloprim).

    To prevent or treat tophi, probenecid, sulfinpyrazone and allopurinol are recommended.

    All of these drugs are powerful, so the patient needs to understand why they are taking them, what side effects may occur and what to do if they have problems with the medication

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