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    Just a quick notice to inform you that I won’t be able to respond on the forum because I am in hospital with a broken back. I’ll write more in the next couple of days when I have a clearer picture. Keith


    Sorry to hear the bad news, Keith.

    I hope you get good rest and treatment and are back fighting the fight again soon. Trev


    Keith (Gout Admin) said:

    … I am in hospital with a broken back. … Keith

    Which devil has been riding YOUR back? I hope not the “Gout Devil”. You do know why he is riding you? You haven't sold him your soul, yet. You are giving his underling, the gout devil, too much static.Wink


    Very sorry to hear that Keith. Hope you're on the mend soon Frown


    Keith’s daughter here again…Keith says:
    “I got some good news today, I’ll walk again but don’t know when. Friends and family will keep signing in for me to keep an eye on the site. Thanks for your messages.”


    Oh GOD?

    I'm so sorry to hear this.

    Of course we are all dying for more info (thank you Keith's daughter.)

    (Fall? Auto accident? Surgery? Traction?)

    I?cracked a lumbar process back in '73 and I hope yours is no worse than that.


    Write when you can.


    Atheist prayers go with you.


    Best wishes GP, for a speedy and complete recovery – get well soon!


    Hello all! My dad’s now got a lot more movement in his arms so we’ve set him up with the hospital Internet but it’s a little outdated and is not allowing him to post on the forum. Therefore, he’s telling his story via the homepage so please click the link below to read all about his accident and he will continue to update it


    Praying for your speedy recovery!!


    I had not logged on to GP Interactive for some time now. What a surprise I got when I read about Keith's accident at home and his back injuries.

    Sorry to hear the bad news Keith. Hope you will recover very soon and looks like that's what is happening.? This is the time for you to do the “rhythmic breathing exercise” – it will not only help to relieve you of the pain but also hasten your recovery.

    Will be praying for your speedy recovery!


    Get better Keith.

    I'll pray for you


    With the help and support of my gouty friends here, a new chapter is opening.

    I can truly see that GoutPal Is On The Mend, in more ways than one.

    So it is time for this discussion to close.

    Thank you all.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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