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    Gary S

    Consuming black bean broth (BBB) and cherries seems to work well for me when I start to feel gout twinges. They seem to work within a few hours. Many have complained about the taste of BBB and I don’t care for it much myself. Has anyone tried with success making a blended drink consisting of a base of BBB and adding cherries or black cherry juice and perhaps some other fruits and/or vegetables that are known to help with gout and might make a good tasting drink?

    Black Cherry Juice for Gout
    Black Cherry Juice for Gout – Especially good with Black Bean Broth

    BBB & cherry sounds disgusting Yell but garlic, ginger, cinnamon & (especially) turmeric all have anti-inflammatory qualities and have been used. Check the BBB thread.


    Spot on, Odo-

    In addition,I find the best soup to add in [up to] 50% depending on strength needed, is Winter Veg- unfortunately not found much this time of year.

    In the UK, Covent Gdn. Soups have it in their range, but not sure if year round. [around £1+]

    The earthy , rooty taste goes well with BB -and with the additives are half way to a liquid curry Cool 

    -even a few beans straying in are Ok, with me.


    It's a matter of acquired taste. When I first took BBB I did not take to the taste too well – especially when I had to gulp down quite a large amount to make sure that it worked.  I added some honey to make it taste better but it did not go too well with BBB.  Then I decided to gulp down BBB without adding anything. What mattered most to me was to rid myself of the excrutiating and tormenting pain. Later, I added some ginger to my BBB and was quite pleased with it.  On top of that, I added sugar as I like my BBB to taste sweet, just as I usually did with my coffee or tea.

    Ginger and spices have all along been added to prepare black bean soup (with other ingredients) – to be taken as a tonic – in the Asian countries. Some of our friends here at GP find that ginger and spice blend very well with BBB.

    Cherries are also known to be rich in anthocyanins and had been widely recommended as a relief for gout pains too.  I see no harm in adding pure cherry juice or anything else to BBB if they help to make it taste better for you – it's a matter of personal preferences.


    Gary S said:

    Consuming black bean broth (BBB) and cherries seems to work well for me when I start to feel gout twinges. They seem to work within a few hours………………………………


    I forgot to ask you this the last time – What beans did you use, soy black beans or turtle black beans?


    I've been drinking BBB daily for the past few weeks.

    It kind of grows on you.  I can't say it tastes good, but I enjoy sipping a tall glass of BBB on ice once or twice a day.   It's kind of refreshing.  I make a gallon at a time and keep it in the fridge.


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