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    well I've been doing fairly well with just watching diet and keeping the ouchies at bay.   BUT  woke up last night with a slight throb in the instep.   Now  only thing I can think of is an addition to my diet of bok choy…  couldn't find it in the lists  so wasn't sure  is this an alkline veg or an acid one? 

    I'm brewing up some bean broth as I type…  and chugged down extra water and cherry juice…   hope its not the bok choy as I absoltuley love that dark green veg.   Can anyone advise an alternate dark green veg  if this one is a high acid.   Won't eliminate the bok choy  but could likely eat half the amount and sub a  more alkaline  one for the other half.  

    ciao  Ouch


    This is not gospel, but pretty well all veg is alkalzing. Some cruciferous veg like broccoli and cauli are said to be bad for gout so I minimalize these somewhat. The dark green reminds me of spinach ,and this is also on the 'bad' list, so may have oxalates that mess up your food balance.Whether something is permitted or not doesn't always fix the issue, it seems.

    Getting stuff 90% right is better than banging along regardless and expecting results to improve!

    Try Savoy Cabbage. Good luck with BBB- should help some.


    thanks trev.   I was thinking its in the same family as kale which is a good alkaline veg for gout.,  Store was out of stock  so I purchased the bok choy.   I'll try the savoy cabbage next time if the kale supplies are non existant on grocery day. 

       It may just have been a blip of too much exercise or not enough water or a  combination of the two…   or just one too many chilies peppers in the purchased  sauce.  Teach me to be unorganized this week.  I generally make everything from scratch  but this time I thought I'd treat myself to some store bought sauce.   Maybe it was trigger and not the bok choy.   

    As I've been doing real well with nary a tiny pin pick since I've been paying real close attention limiting types of  protein intake and uping the veg intake. Seems the bean broth for lunch may have nipped it in the bud.    Will see tonight. 





    Ouch:  “….hope its not the bok choy as I absoltuley love that dark green veg.”  

    Trev:   “The dark green reminds me of spinach ,and this is also on the 'bad' list,”

    As far as I know, dark green vegetables are high in IRON, which is not good for gout.


    U R right Met- I'd forgotten the important Iron link.

    Oxalates do figure too, though.[Rhubarb, etc]


    Bok Choy IS a cruciferous vegetable.

    But I believe that anyone trying to control his gout attacks with diet will benefit by eating ANY vegetable in place of meat or fish. For gouties vegetables are all different degrees of good. (And animal flesh is different degrees of bad.)

    And remember, those sulfurous cruciferous veg have been shown to be cardaic beneficial…and HALF of us die from destroyed hearts.

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