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Tophi & Gout Facts
Tophi & Gout Facts

Tophi Introduction

Tophi are an important factor in gout management. Particularly as their presence or absence are one of the first factors you and your doctor will consider in your gout patients recovery plan.

Currently, I am reorganizing the GoutPal Patient Plan. Therefore, I need to ensure that I present relevant facts in a way that supports those plans. So this new tophi hub page achieves that by identifying tophi articles that support different plans.

For gout patients using drug treatment for uric acid control, we see the first mention of tophi in Medicine to Lower Uric Acid (to be published Jan 2022). So I have started this hub page with articles that identify factors in tophaceous gout that imply uric acid treatment is required.

Tophi Subsections

Identifying Tophi

Gouty Tophi Picturesphotographs help gout sufferers understand: What tophi look like; Potential tophi treatments; [and] Dangers of tophaceous gout.
Tophi Gout Images
Gouty Tophi Xray

Why Tophi are Dangerous

I am collating the list of articles about tophi dangers. So please let me know if you have a particular concern about the dangers of tophi. Then I can prioritize that topic in my review.

Tophi Burst
Infected Gouty Tophi
Tophi Restrict Mobility

How to Get Rid of Tophi

I am collating the list of articles about getting rid of tophi. So please let me know if you have a particular concern about how to get rid of tophi. Then I can prioritize that topic in my review.

Squeezing Gouty Tophi
Gouty Tophi Removal
Tophi Removal Surgery

Tophi Concerns and Questions

So far, I've listed articles that mainly explain facts about tophi. Because those articles give you reliable sources of information that you can discuss with health professionals. Hopefully, your advisers will help you resolve any concerns that you have about those tophi facts. In fact, many articles look at specific tophi concerns and common tophi questions.

This is especially important where resolving those concerns requires you to identify factors that determine different management options. Because you and your health professionals can work together on finding solutions that work best in your circumstances. So I've also included this list of tophi concerns and questions.

Question or ConcernQuote/Note
Does Allopurinol Dissolve Tophi?allopurinol can indirectly dissolve your tophi. But only if you work with your doctor to maintain uric acid at a low enough level.
Can I Remove Tophi Myself?
Dissolving Tophi NaturallyI'm currently investigating what gout sufferers are mainly concerned about when they ask about dissolving tophi naturally. That is, are you concerned if it can be done? Or are you convinced that tophi can be dissolved naturally - but not sure how? Let me know at my contact details.

Although I've included common questions, this list is more than a Tophi FAQ. Because I include questions that should be asked much more frequently. But you have to start somewhere. So ask your tophi questions now. By searching, or in GoutPal Issues or GoutPal Discussions.

Tophi & Gout Facts
How do you Manage Your Tophi & Gout?

Your Tophi

You can see that the presence of tophi significantly raises the urgency of prompt uric acid treatment. So you should make tophi your biggest gout concern.

Later, I will add articles that support other steps in the GoutPal Patient Plan. Also articles that support Student, Victim, and Arthritis Sufferer Plans. In the meantime, please see Tophi: Illustrated Reference Guide and The Tophi Blog.

Leave Gouty Tophi Section to browse the Gout and Uric Acid Blog.

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