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The Tophi Blog. Tophi are horrible lumps of uric acid crystals that tell you your gout is seriously out of control. Over the years, uric acid crystals spread into every joint and also buildup in soft tissues. Those little jelly lumps under the skin grow into disfiguring tumors. Most of the time they are benign, but they often restrict movement, and make footwear uncomfortable. The worst thing comes when they burst through the skin – now you have an open wound to deal with, with all the risks of infection. Tophi cannot grow if you get your uric acid into the safe zone, but it can take years for them to shrink, so the sooner you lower uric acid, the better. Get treatment for gout to remove tophi before they harm you.

If you still need convincing that this is serious, please read these pages, then browse the tophi reference pages.

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