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Pictures of Gouty Tophi
Pictures of Gouty Tophi

Gouty Tophi Pictures

Gouty Tophi Pictures is a subsection of the Tophi Section. So this subsection describes and explains photographs of various aspects of gouty tophi. Mostly, these photographs help you identify tophi. But some photographs help explain treatment of tophaceous gout. Including tophi removal. Also, some photographs show the dangers of tophaceous gout.

Gouty Tophi Picture Articles

These are the current and planned articles about gouty tophi pictures. As I explained in the introduction above, tophi photographs serve different purposes. So in this list, I categorize different types of gouty pictures as Identify, Treat, or Danger. According to the main purpose of the article. However some photographs serve more than one purpose.

ArticleTypePhoto Example
Gout in ThumbIdentify
Gout Crystals In The Thumb
Can you get Gout in Your Thumb?
Best Tophi Picture shows greatest Tophi TreatmentTreat
Tophi Removal Without Surgery
Uric Acid Treatment Shrinks Tophi
Gouty Tophus On ElbowIdentify
Gouty Tophus On Elbow Photograph
Tophi Turns Elbow To "Jelbow"
Gouty Tophi On Right Lower LimbIdentify
Gouty Tophi On Right Lower Limb
Tophi on and near Right Knee
Pictures of Gouty Tophi
How does Your Gouty Tophi look?

Your Gouty Tophi Pictures

You can see that photographs help gout sufferers understand:
  • What tophi look like.
  • Potential tophi treatments.
  • Dangers of tophaceous gout.

So it's good to share your tophi photographs. Ideally, you will do this by contacting me.

Leave Gouty Tophi Pictures to browse the Tophi facts section.

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