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Best Gout Friend
Best Gout Friend

What is Best For Gout?

I regularly review the most popular topics on GoutPal. And a perennial favorite is "What is the best alcohol for gout". In fact, it is one of many related questions. Where gout sufferers ask for the best of a huge range of gout topics. So I've included the most asked questions below.

Before I review any of those topics, I have to explain the mistaken thinking behind these 'best for gout' questions. Because many gout sufferers wrongly believe that there is a 'gold standard' which applies to treatment, diet, and other aspects of uric acid management. So let me explain why that is a mistake.

What is a Gold Standard?

Though 'gold standard' is an economic term, its everyday use is as a benchmark. Now this can work in many situations. But only when we can compare like with like. So in financial terms we can say that gold is better than silver. However, if considering jewelry, we also need to consider other factors. Such as matching an outfit or an occasion.

Is there a Gold Standard for Gout?

Many gout sufferers believe that there is 'something' that is part of the standard treatment for gout. Usually, that 'something' is a medicine or food. But once gout sufferers fall into the trap of seeking gold standards, they often seek 'the best' of almost all aspects of their lives. Hence, the level of interest in "What is the Best Alcohol for Gout?" is topped by "Which are the Best Shoes for Gout?"

However,once you understand how uric acid leads to gout you can see that there is no standard. Even the reference ranges that lead to meaningless terms like 'normal uric acid' are not standard. Most importantly, there is no standard for how uric acid causes gout. So let's consider why there can never be a gold standard for gout.

Gout Is Not Standard

Gout is caused when uric acid forms crystals in our bodies. Then our immune system reacts to those crystals. Finally, our brain interprets the immune system signals as pain. But there are many differences in the way that uric acid affects individuals:

  • Production rates of uric acid
  • Excretion rates of uric acid through the kidneys
  • Conversion rates of uric acid through the gut
  • Crystallization point of uric acid
  • Reaction rates of immune system
  • Interptetation of pain signals

Not only are those six factors set by genetics. But they are also influenced by lifestyle, environment, comorbitities, and treatments for those comorbidities.

Finally, individuals have varying tolerance for gout treatments. Also, those treatments have different levels of effectiveness.

Best Treatment for Gout

Currently, the best treatment for gout is described in national guidelines. Especially in USA, UK, Europe, and Japan. As most of my readers are American, I focus on the ACR guidelines. So throughout this website, I:

  • Explain the roles of patient and physician in the guidelines.
  • Encourage patients to discuss and decide their options from the guidelines.
  • Provide alternative views where people want to work with Dietitians or Complementary and Integrative Gout Therapists.

But even the best guidelines do not set a gold standard. Because they recognize that each case has to be managed according to medical history and patient preferences. As well as the factors I described above.

Instead, they present strong recommendations and conditional recommendations. So gout sufferers must learn how those recommendations affect their personal gout management plans. Especially where rhuematologists have identified conditional recommendations.

Best for Gout Summary

  • Every gout sufferer has different needs.
  • Don't seek 'best for gout'. Instead seek 'most suitable for each personal gout factor'.

During my reviews, I will try to cover common personal factors. But it is your responsibility to understand your own factors. So I recommend that you create your own gout profile records.

Best for Gout Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that I need to review all my articles that include best for gout questions. Because they need to follow the principles I have explained here. So I have not linked this FAQ to specific articles yet. However, you can use the Google Gout Search Engine to find articles about each of these questions:

  • Best cereal for gout
  • Best alcohol for gout
  • Best shoes for gout
  • Best drink for gout
  • Best socks for gout
  • Best salad dressing for gout sufferers
  • Best uric acid test kit
  • Best yogurt for gout
  • Best beer for gout
  • Best bottled water for gout
  • Best liquor for gout
  • Best meat for gout sufferers
  • Best fish for gout
  • What is the best type of cherry juice for gout
  • Best juice for gout
  • Best cherries for gout
  • Best cheese for gout
  • Best home remedy for gout
  • Best desserts for gout
  • Best protein for gout
  • Best pizza for gout

Simply select and copy any question that interests you. Then paste it into the Google Gout Search Engine.

Best Gout Friend
Who is Your Best Gout Friend?

What is Best For Your Gout?

You can see that it is time to stop looking for a 'best' solution to your gout concerns. Instead, you should start keeping records of your gout concerns. Together with your personal gout profile. That way, you have adequate information to start meaningful consultations with your health advisers.

Of course, if you want help to prepare for those consultations, you can contact me.

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