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Introducing GoutPal’s My Gout

In Introducing My Gout I describe your optional personal space within GoutPal. Because organizing your personal gout facts is the fastest way to control gout. Also keeping notes about your questions, experiences, and opinions helps you understand gout better.

All in all, it’s your best chance to become a Gout Champion.

GoutPal’s My Gout Suspended

I have suspended this service due to low levels of interest. However, if you feel a strong need for structured help with your gout, ask in the gout help forum. In the meantime, I am developing training courses for different aspects of gout management.

Introducing My Gout Audience

Introducing My Gout is suitable for all gout sufferers, and their carers. Because you can use it to help you and your Gout Mentor with all aspects of your gout. Remember, you need a Gout Mentor to get the best gout care. Also, if you choose GoutPal as your mentor, you must start your own My Gout service. So, please apply now on the form below.

However, GoutPal’s My Gout service will also help if you mentor yourself. Or if you choose a friend or healthcare professional to mentor you. Because easy access to personal gout facts helps you make the right decisions about treatment. Then, review of progress means your gout recovery is quicker. Finally, tracking outstanding issues means vital aspects of your gout treatment never get overlooked.

Introducing My Gout

To apply for GoutPal’s My Gout, use this form. But, if you want to learn more about the service, see my explanations after the form.

You can use GoutPal’s My Gout however you like. But, here are some ideas to get you started:

Packaged Gout Care.
Packaged Gout Care is a new service based on Managing gout needs more than drugs. So, to qualify, you must have a current gout control plan or be working towards one.
Personal Gout Diary.
I think every gout sufferer should have a Personal Gout Diary. Because a quick summary of your gout status helps people respond to your questions better. Then, monitoring test results and gout symptoms keep your gout treatment on track. Finally, tracking treatment changes encourages you to get better gout therapies.
Gout Management Plans.
GoutPal’s Gout Plans can be small therapies for specific aspects of your gout. Or, complete plans for managing your gout in total. Or, anything in-between. For example, you might start a small project to get fast gout pain therapy. Then, move on to a gout treatment plan for controlling uric acid. But, at the same time start a gout diet plan. These are examples of small projects that you can add to and change as you learn more about your gout. So, you can start as many as you like. Although it makes sense to get one project to Step 4 before you start another.
Understanding Gout and Uric Acid Courses.
Similar to management plans, these courses take you step-by-step through any aspect of gout. However, unlike management plans, GoutPal’s Gout Courses, are about general principles of gout management.
Personal Gout Forums.
Start your own forum to discuss specific gout topics.
Or to restrict access to your own group of gouty friends.
Foundation For Free Website.
I learned about my own gout by starting a website. Then, each day that I wrote about gout, I learned how to control my uric acid levels and stopped my gout. I would like to offer you that opportunity if you have plenty of time you can commit.
Whatever You Like!
Please share other ideas for using your personal gout space Because It’s Your GoutPal.

GoutPal’s My Gout for You

I hope this gives you enough information about GoutPal’s My Gout. Then, you can start now, with the application form above. But, if you want to discuss this service, please start a new topic in the gout forum.