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Your results show above after you click the Search button. Results are from all GoutPal websites, including the gout forums. For help with Googling gout, please see the Google Gout section in the Gout Research Pages.

You can get personal help with your search results pages in the gout forums. Please include your search query or a link to this results page. Also, say which result(s) you need more help with. Because that helps us understand what extra explanations we can give you.

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As well as my GoutPal search engine, I provide other search engines to help gout sufferers:

Google Gout Research

What’s your best source for gout research? Like most gout sufferers, you turn to GoutPal first. But for special individual searches, you need more search resources. So Google Gout Research with GoutPal for your best personal gout research.

Full Internet Search

GoutPal’s Full Internet Search is similar to the standard Google service you use every day. But it is better! Because I block misleading websites to save you time and money.

Please note that I rely on you to report bad results. So if you spot a bad result in GoutPal’s Internet Search Engine, please tell me on the feedback form below. Or discuss in the gout forum.

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