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If you need help in the gout forums, just ask now. That takes you to the form to post a new topic in the main gout forum. You can use it to quickly share your questions, experiences, and opinions about gout.

Some sections of the gout forums are more specialized. I describe how my gout forums are organized below. You’ll soon get used to the forums as you use them. But, never worry about “being in the right place.” Just use the link above, and get posting. The sooner you start to discuss your gout, the sooner you can start to manage it.

If you ever have any difficulty using the gout forums, please use the feedback form near the end of each page. Then I can respond directly to you or add your concerns to the forum on your behalf.

Gout Network Forums

This is how GoutPal’s gout network forums are organized. In the past, I divided the forums into different subject areas. But that could be confusing if you are new to gout. Because you might not have enough information to know which forum is best. So now we have a single gout forum for posting – Help My Gout! You can discuss any aspect of gout. So share your questions, experiences, and opinions there.

After you have posted, I allocate your topic to various sub-forums. These are groups of similar topics that help you focus on issues that matter to you. I regularly review and change the sub-forums which you can see listed in the sidebar. Also, read more about GoutPal sub-forums at Gout Network Topic Index.

As I mentioned above, if you have any difficulties using my gout forums, please use the feedback form near the end of each page.

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