The feet tophi pictures relate to gout crystals showing in various parts of the feet, except the toes, which I put on a separate page.

To help identify your symptoms, you can see if they are typical of gout. Or for x-rays, ultrasound and other images, you can discuss these with your doctor.

An article titled “An Unusual Soft Tissue Tumor”[1] grabbed my attention. A tumor has terrible connotations, and I was worried what I might find.

As it turns out, not as bad as I imagined, but still quite horrific. First, the definition of tumor:

  1. A swelling of a part of the body, generally without inflammation, caused by an abnormal growth of tissue, whether benign or malignant.
  2. A swelling of any kind.

Apart from the “generally without inflammation” that is a fair description of tophaceous gout. In this respect, inflammation is a tricky aspect. Sometimes tophi are accompanied by inflammation, but often they are not. The report notes:

Tophaceous uric acid deposits are an important differential diagnosis when evaluating benign soft tissue masses, even in the absence of a history of inflammatory arthritis

It is quite common, due to the way uric acid deposits form, for people to experience tophi without ever getting typical acute gout flares in the joints. Please see tophaceous gout for explanations.

Right Foot Tophi

Right Foot Tophi Picture
Right Foot Tophi Picture (click above for details)

A 63-year-old man presented with a slow-growing tumor on the front of the sole of the right foot. The mass was firm, painless, and attached directly by its base. There was no history of trauma or previous arthritis.

Dual Energy Computed Tomography (DECT) of the right foot was performed on a dual-source CT scanner at 140 kVp and 80 kVp tube potential.

Left Foot Tophi

There is a terrible case of left foot tophi in this gout study. The study contains 3 photographs of a gouty left foot, before, during, and after treatment.

Feet Tophi: Next Steps

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Feet Tophi References

  1. Title: An unusual soft tissue tumor. Authors: Akkara Veetil BM, Bongartz T. Published: J Rheumatol. 2010 Jun;37(6):1269-70.

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