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    limpy said:

    Hi Veg,?I just started checking back in here myself. It's been kind of slow around here lately. It's good to have you back.?I hope you get your new pain under control soon. Limpy.

    Yeah it seems very slow here.? My new pain is not very painful as such. It's very minor but you know with being a Gouty any pain gets the alarm bells ringing.

    I got my blood tested couple of days ago and blood uric acid level was 4mg/dl so all is good on that side.


    How is your Gout doing? Thanks for the reply Limpy.

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    Keith you taking 900mg Allop? surprised

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    Is high cholesterol prerequisite for most heart problems or can one have low cholesterol ands till develop heart problems?

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    Harbin you have ignored Gout for 7 years which was silly! Get on AlloP 300mg and keep taking it for rest of your life.  First few months will be bad but that is the price one must pay. Stay clear of alcohol and meat. Good luck.

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    jonpayson said:

    Started allipurinol about a month ago, up to 300 mg for 1 week.  Most other symptoms have gone away..or significantly diminished accept for the limp. 

    3 to 6 months on AlloP is the magic number for AlloP to fix things. Can take longer depending on individual case. If you really have Gout then hang in there and AlloP will make you good as new. That is assuming that you did not ignore Gout for years and no irreversible joint damage has already been done.

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    Thanks Trev. Funny post and words of a seasoned camper I see  Wink

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    So been to gym 3 times this week (1.5 hours each time, weights and cardio) and the odd thing is that my post gym readings are not going up like they used to Laugh Well I ain't complaining hope it stays like that. I am feelign so happy as a result fo being back in the gym Cool

    The readings-

    Just before going gym  <—>  1 hour after gym

    4.5 mg/dl                                       4.6 mg/dl

    5.1  mg/dl                                      5.0 mg/dl

    5.2 mg/dl                                       5.2mg/dl

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    And that was just from nuts, what about al the other sources: seeds, grains, legumes etc

    Eating seeds? You must think that I am a bird Smile  Seriously though I always used to balance stuff. So if I over did on cashews then I would not consume other protein rich stuff that day. Plus I was giving a worst case scenario and even then I was way below my recommended protein  intake. Anyway who knows all that combined with my heavy fruit intake migth have played a part.

    Ok I have gout so it is about time I make my peace with it and move on…..but I don't want to make it any worse hence the constant need to understand it. After all 1 year of non stop suffering was no joke for me. I am mentally scarred from that nightmare Laugh

    Yep, and I shall probably be joining you quite soon Wink

    Now you are talking Wink

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    Recent studies have found that dietary factors once believed to be associated are in fact not, including the intake of purine rich vegetables and total protein 

    My point is that nuts are non-meat protein source. I genuinely don't think my protein intake was above normal. My food intake was definitely not above my daily needs. If it was then I would have put on weight.

    Maybe my cashew nut intake played a part but I am skeptical. For example….

    400gms of Cashews in a week =  4×15gms= 60gms of protein.

    For my age/size/sex and physical activity the daily reccomended protein intake-

    Your daily Protein intake is 94 grams (658gms weekly).
    This amount is the minimum recommended daily protein intake. This amount applies only to adults and children over the age of 4.

    So yeah if I take the worst day example (say I ate 400gms of Cashew nuts in a day). I was still under my daily protein intake requirments.  I guess I will never know why I got Gout.

    I must just move on and just stick with the only thing that has worked for me ie. Lord AlloP.

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    odo said:(several kgs of assorted nuts per week wasn't it?)

    Around 400 gms plain nuts in a week….ONLY when I was feeling out of control. It was not a very regular thing. I don't think my protein intake overall was high. If it was then I would not have struggled to put on muscle mass despite weight training regularly. If I average it out then I would say in last 10 years I have eaten 50gms or less per week.

    Anyway latest research shows that non meat protein intake is not relvant to Gout.

    ***protein and purine rich vegetables (not purine rich meat) were exonerated as potential risk factors Cool

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    trev said:

    VG- I don't know where you get this 'diet will fix all' take with me.

    I never say that. In my case I mangage without ULMs, as I can do that right now. I've said this leaves me at risk from urate left in my system- & also risking further attacks.  I've suggested to quite a few posters here that ULMeds are probably the best route for them.

    I've no idea what caused your gout in detail ,but you know full well the factors.

    You are on the AlloP track now -so will have to tolerate 'less deserving' cases 'getting away with it'  Embarassed

    It was just the general impression I got that you and Zip were almost on the opposite side when it came to to diet/AlloP.  Sorry if I offended you in anyway Wink I do think that diet plays SOME part in EVERYTHING. Depending on the disease the role of diet can range from minor to major. I can only speak about my experience with gout and frankly I had no alternative but to go on AlloP as there were not many diet related stones left for me to unturn.

    Btw Trev you could be amongst the statistical 12% hence benefiting from your diet control. Even then I think we will have to wait few years to know if you truly succeeded in taming the Gout beast. I don't have access to your SUA numbers so can't truly judge how effective your method is. 

    Either way as a fellow gouty I only want the best for you Smile

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     I understadn Zip is bit extreme in his pop the pill and forget about food attitude Wink but Trev you are extreme at the other end with your diet will fix everythign take Laugh

    So Hansinm and Trev how do you explain Gout in my case then?  Frown

    Leading up to my 1st gout attack at 35-36 I was…..

    – 100% vegetarian for  a decade (still am and will be for life)

    – Hardly touched Alcohol or any fake suggary drinks (or much any sweet stuff for that matter).

    – Mostly avoided processed or fatty food.

    – Slim with excellent cardio fitness level.

    It has to be 100% genetic in my case. Father and mum side both have  gout cases.  So why did my diet not protect me if food is so important in your opinion for gout control? What turned the gout switch on in my body? I know no one can answer it but just saying Wink

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    zip2play said:

    Veg guy, you will  never find the cause of your gout if you cannot find a hereditary link. Or, let me guess here, is there still a lingering doubt whether you have gout?

    Yeah you are right. Just wanted to hear it from someone else. Anyway it runs on both my mum and dad's side of the family so I guess I was destined to have it Yell

    Or, let me guess here, is there still a lingering doubt whether you have gout?

    Nah! no doubt. Joint fluid test does not lie Smile Plus AlloP took my 1+ year long pain away so that double confirms that I have Gout. Just was feeliong bit down last night after coming from gym. Everyone was working hard and I was taking it slow like some fragile old man Smile

    I feel positive again this morning.

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    Welcome Hawgy to the depression inducing Gout club. I see you hold the VIP AlloP membership card too  Wink  Hang in there as sooner or later AlloP will make you turn things around. In my case it took 5+ months and 4-5 AlloP induced attacks in those 5 months before AlloP got the upper hand on the De Beers diamond mine (crystal deposits).

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    Jeff B said:

     No alcohol for 11 months, and a combination of uloric, probenecid, AP, colchicine, indomethacin, and ibuprofin for 6 months made the difference.

    You taking all of them together daily? Is that really wise or healthy? Surprised You sound like a human version of a lab test tube Wink

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    jlew said:

    The pain is unbelievable. I read that black cherry juice can help, but with the pain or with stopping the whole issue? I just want to know what to do to get the attack to stop instead of increasing.

    Thanks to anyone who has some advice! 

    The jury is out on Cherry and Black Bean Broth. Some here swear by it others like me think of it as old wives' tale  Smile  Don't get me wrong cherry seems to have some anti inflammation properties apparently so it won't do any harm. BBB again won't do any harm in trying either. Both are healthy things  compared to the junk some people eat.

    So do give it a try but in my humble opinion it is not a primary treatment or a long term solution to attack and take Gout head on.

    Once this attack passes you need to work out what you blood uric acid readings are. Anything above 6mg/dl is not good for a Gout patient. Btw during an attack the blood uric acid readings can show low so don't go by them.

    The only  proven scientific things that works at controlling blood uric acid readings/Gout long term and preventing joint damage and other related problems are drugs like Allopurinol AT CORRECT DOSAGE.

    Good luck Wink

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    JohnESmoke said:

     My family doctor prescribed my allopurinal 300mg but told me nothing about my condition. I took for about a year then stopped.

    That was a very expensive mistake! Once this attack passes make sure you stay on AlloP. It will make the difference between a normal joint and a severely damaged joint. Not to mention the host of other health problems associated with Gout if you don't controal your SUA. During the attack  SUA  readings go down in many cases.

    This will pass so hang in there. I suffered more than one year of non stop pain and am surprised that I did not go insane Frown  So let it all out here Wink

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    markdeerhunter said:

    107 looks and not one reply. Thanks a lot.


    Most people are normally on 300mg AlloP. 100mg is too low in most cases.


    axl456 said:

    thanks for the answer! Smile..

    so bottom line, I have high posibilities of having Gout because of the hereditary predisposition and cant do anything about it? diet and exercises can only lower the impact and make it come a bit latter?

    well that just sucks Yell (sorry for the expression)

    Well say you are fat then you could get fit. It might not save you completely but the more things in your favour the better right?  Have a more vegetable centred diet and stay clear of non veg things that are known to be bad (in my opinion all of them). Think of alcohol as body poison…..which it actually is  Smile

    Do moderate intensity exercise as high intensity exercise can raise your SUA levels further. Keep your eyes open for any unexplainable joint pains. Monitor your SUA every few months to see if they continue to be so high. One can have 12mg/dl and still remain Gout free.

    Before I got my Gout attack mine ranged between 7-12mg/dl. Mostly around 7-9mg/dl if I remember correctly.

    I sometimes feel that worse was in store for me had I not been fit and on good diet. I suffered a lot for one year with no proper diagnosis as my toe pain was not typical. It was non stop low level pain for one year and then I got a full on Gout attack 6months ago. All Docs messed me about for a year. I told them from the start that I think it might be gout but the monkeys kept saiyn that they are experts not me Yell

    I hope you never get it though Smile


    I doubt your diet will make any meaningful difference to your 12mg/dl readings. Diet MIGHT help people with borderline readings even though I am bit sceptic about such claims.

    Bottom line is that all healthy veg food are ok for Gout and animal products including chicken are not best for Gout. Btw special K is the unhealthiest food you can find (Gout or no Gout). Marketing at it's WORST!

    If you gonna get it due to heridetary reasons then I doubt your diet will save you. This coming from someone in his mid 30s who got Gout last year (my dad has gout). I was very healthy , trim and fit with excellent veg diet! Yell

    If you do get hit by it make sure not to ignore it and get on something like AlloP asap.

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    atdom said:

    Hello All,

    I have had Gout for ten years; I have treated attacks with Indomethacin which used to be very effective but is now much less so.  I decided about 4.5 months ago to try and take control of my gout.  I have cut down 90% of my beer (currently not drinking anything at all) as this was the prime trigger for my flare ups.  I have been taking 300mg of allopurinol daily and have had constant problems since then.  These include the most prolonged acute attack (~3 weeks) I have ever had plus since then constant joint and muscle pain (usually where I have had attacks previously but also new joints).  I feel terrible all of the time; I strongly believe these pains are related to allopurinol as if I am OK in the morning they get gradually worse after taking the allopurinol.  Also I have been suffering from depression (I personally think this is due to the extensive Indomethacin usage during the early stages of taking allopurinol as this drug has always had a profound effect on my central nervous system; dizziness, fatigue, confusion etc.).  I find if I take any NSAIDs then the depression/anxiety gets worse but I feel I need to to alleviate the very unpleasant symptoms from the Allopurinol.  I am close to giving up the Allopurinol as I worry that the side effects aren't going to stop and are drug related rather than deposit breakdown related.  However I am tempted to carry on with them in case this is down to the breakdown od crystal deposits.  Has anyone had such a prolonged period of pain associated with beginning gout treatment?  Is this normal and if so should I continue?  

    Also have tried cochicine (didn't work) and am trying Naproxen today to attempt to alleviate the symptoms.

    Thanks for any pointers, also sorry if a repeat topic but I couldn't find a similar one.


    You have ignored Gout for 10 years and you expect AlloP to fix things day before yesterday? Give it time and you will feel better. Might even take another 6 months for you…..if not more.  I know someone offline who ignored Gout 20+ years because they were not having that many attacks Yell  In the end the person started feeling much better but it did take 8+ months of suffering before AlloP won the cleaning battle. Lesson?—-> People should not ignore Gout just because they have say 1 attack a year!

    I think your symptoms specially depression is not AlloP related. The only thing I would pin on AlloP is tiredness/laziness/sleepiness.

    Good luck and stick with it. Maybe cut down on non AlloP drugs.

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    Nephalion said:

    1. If I am going to have a flare due to the Allopurinol regime, roughly how long into the treatment might this occur?

    2. If I have a flare, do I keep taking the Allopurinol? I guess this is yes and that's what the Naproxen is for!

    3. What are the chances my flare will happen and resolve itself in time for my holiday?? This is my biggest fear, the thought that I have started a treatment that will cause a flare and ruin my holiday!

    4. I am also concious of the other possible allopurinol side effects, I guess my final question would be… in very general terms, how quickly do these side effects materialise? Immediately or after a few hours, days… weeks???

    I know that any answers to the above would have to be highly caveated… but I would really appreciate any help, advice or suggestions to make sure I get on that plane to Russia on 29th July :-)))))

    1- Your guess is as good as my guess. Probably in the first 1-7months.

    2- BIG YES! Think of AlloP as dish washing soap that cleans the blood uric acid aka DIRT. So if you are washing a dirty plate then would you stop cleaning it when only 1% of the plate was cleaned? AlloP for life!

    3- No one can guess it. Everyone is different. It took me 6 months on AlloP before I was 100% pain free.  It all depends on how much uric acid deposits your body already has. My gout symptoms only started 1 year ago in your case you had it for 10 years. If someone was just starting AlloP I would say start it after the holiday and then NEVER stop!

    4- I felt bad first few months but some of it could have been due to fear of not wanting to be amongst the unluck minority who can't take AlloP. Tired I definitely felt but it was manageable. Now after 5-6months on AlloP I feel normal. It all depends from person to person. I never felt dizzy or anythign like that….just sleepy.

    If you are in the minority then side effects might show up in the first months but apparently they can even show years later (probably the less serious type like rashes and stuff).

    browser://dictionarytip/skin/dtipIconHover.png” alt=”” />

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    caveman38 said:

    Thanks for the link Odo.

    Your refernce to diet helping this condition confuses my diet even more. Is it posible to have a diet that will help in weight loss, NAFLD and Gout prevention. Should I just eat cardboard?

    All the vegetables are ok to eat Wink Eat whole wheat rough brown bread if you must eat bread. There is endless healthy non fatty food out there. For example I don't buy any product at the supermarket that has more than 3- 4% fat in it. I also avoid pre packed processed food. I buy fresh and eat fresh.

    Once you develop taste for healthy food then the though of unhealthy food would make you wanna puke. That is how it has been for me for years. Although not everyone is like me Smile

    in reply to: Doctors advice or not? #9231

    If it was definitely a Gout attack then yes reading of 8mg/dl is NOT GOOD! For a confirmed Gouty the SUA should be maintained under 6mg/dl for life to prevent gout attacks/ cardio problems/ bone/soft tissue etc damage

    Maybe your GP is worried about putting you on AlloP due to your liver issue? I am not sure about the connection between the two if any. Why don't you ask him why he does not want to put you on AlloP? Is he planning to just ignore Gout?

    You say you lost 10lbs but from what weight? Your current height and weight is what? Age?

    Either way your SUA needs to be brought under control but loss of 2-3 months won't be end of the world. So you could wait two months to see if your liver is back to normal.


    limpy said:

    I would love to be able to go out and mow the yard cut and split some wood tinker around the shop. But my feet just won't let me. And the way I feel right now I wonder if I'll ever will be able to do those things again. It's very depressing.  I've tried to get my Rhumy to up my dose of Allop. but he just says no. I'm going to see my MD. tomorrow and see what he thinks about it.  Thanks for all the replys. LIMPY

    I understand Limpy. I  feel you will get better with time as long as you stay on AlloP and at the correct dosage. It will take some months though so be patient. Meanwhile don't eat unhealthy food and compound the problem while you are grounded. In your current depressed state it can get very tempting to stuff yourself with bad food. 

    Stay strong!


    Limpy another thing I noticed is that you are exactly same height as me but lot heavier. If my conversion is correct then in your case 218 lbs = 99.1 kg which is almost 40 kgs more than my weight. More mass = more blood uric acid production + more weight/stress on the joints.

    Btw unlike most when I started AlloP 6 months ago I did not and still don't take any Colchicine. Doc gave me 400mg Iboprofene to take 3-4 times daily but I never took them Surprised Ok I took maybe 20 tablets in 6 months Wink I just felt that being on AlloP was one tablet too many already so did not want to get hooked on Iboprofene too.

    I also wanted to feel  what my body was actually feeling. Btw the times I took  Ibofrofen it did jack *** for my pain!


    I also think  it is Gout related. Every case is different but based on my personal experience and LOT of digging on the web I would say 8 weeks on AlloP that also 200mg is peanuts Wink It took me 6 months on 300mg AlloP to shake off my 1+ year long non stop left toe region pain. Frankly I had given up hope of ever being pain free but Lord AlloP delivered Wink

    P.S- I replied to your PM limpy Wink

    in reply to: Up and Down #9177

    Interesting about he chest pain. I have also felt pain in my chest region for years…..on and off.  I am quiet sure it is not heart related in my case but one could never be sure.

    Normally if I get up move my arms and drink some water then it goes away. I think it could be food related? Also stressing my heart in the gym while doing cardio never caused any problem (during or after).

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    Jeff B said:

    At least gout won’t kill us.

    It can Wink

    But yeah for some reason I feel embarrased to tell people that I have  Gout even though I am not fat nor ever been the drinking type Frown

    in reply to: Sports Drinks & Gout? #9080

    I drank on average only 2-3 coke bottles in a year before Gout……same for other fizzy drinks.  So irrespective of if fizzy drinks connection with Gout I sure as hell won't be starting on them now Wink They are unhealthy period.  I will continue to stick with water and fresh fruits.

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