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    High Uric Acid and Hereditary Gout


    I am 23, and although I don’t have gout I am very concerned because my father suffers from it and my UA levels are on the roof..

    My latest blood tests show high UA (12), high triglycerides (197) and low HDL Cholesterol (20)..

    My doctor was very concerned about the UA level (he knew my father suffered from gout)

    Right now I am on a diet, hitting the gym and doing a treatment with aluron.

    Although my doctor already gave me some pointers on what to eat and what not to eat, i would like to read your opinions and recommendations, right now I am eating this:

    breakfast = oatmeal water

    lunch = grilled chicken (marinated with garlic sauce, Worcestershire sauce and adobo) and rice (plain white rice)

    dinner = special K cereal with milk

    If I’m hungry at any other time of day, I eat oatmeal and water.

    I want to know if Worcestershire sauce and adobo are bad for the Uric Acid, and if I can use soy sauce Confused

    Any other recomendation about food to lower the UA is welcome Laugh (I guess am going to say bye bye to red meat Cry)


    Is Soy Sauce Bad for Gout?

    Are you wondering if soy sauce is bad for gout? Then you should see light soy sauce is low in purines. Also, dark soy sauce and other soy foods are very low in purines.

    For gout sufferers who want to change their diet to improve uric acid, I recommend you start a GoutPal Plan for Gout Dieters

    Is Soy Sauce Bad for Gout?

    I doubt your diet will make any meaningful difference to your 12mg/dl readings. Diet MIGHT help people with borderline readings even though I am bit sceptic about such claims.

    Bottom line is that all healthy veg food are ok for Gout and animal products including chicken are not best for Gout. Btw special K is the unhealthiest food you can find (Gout or no Gout). Marketing at it's WORST!

    If you gonna get it due to heridetary reasons then I doubt your diet will save you. This coming from someone in his mid 30s who got Gout last year (my dad has gout). I was very healthy , trim and fit with excellent veg diet! Yell

    If you do get hit by it make sure not to ignore it and get on something like AlloP asap.


    thanks for the answer! Smile..

    so bottom line, I have high posibilities of having Gout because of the hereditary predisposition and cant do anything about it? diet and exercises can only lower the impact and make it come a bit latter?

    well that just sucks Yell (sorry for the expression)


    axl456 said:

    thanks for the answer! Smile..

    so bottom line, I have high posibilities of having Gout because of the hereditary predisposition and cant do anything about it? diet and exercises can only lower the impact and make it come a bit latter?

    well that just sucks Yell (sorry for the expression)

    Well say you are fat then you could get fit. It might not save you completely but the more things in your favour the better right?  Have a more vegetable centred diet and stay clear of non veg things that are known to be bad (in my opinion all of them). Think of alcohol as body poison…..which it actually is  Smile

    Do moderate intensity exercise as high intensity exercise can raise your SUA levels further. Keep your eyes open for any unexplainable joint pains. Monitor your SUA every few months to see if they continue to be so high. One can have 12mg/dl and still remain Gout free.

    Before I got my Gout attack mine ranged between 7-12mg/dl. Mostly around 7-9mg/dl if I remember correctly.

    I sometimes feel that worse was in store for me had I not been fit and on good diet. I suffered a lot for one year with no proper diagnosis as my toe pain was not typical. It was non stop low level pain for one year and then I got a full on Gout attack 6months ago. All Docs messed me about for a year. I told them from the start that I think it might be gout but the monkeys kept saiyn that they are experts not me Yell

    I hope you never get it though Smile


    High SUA doesn't always mean gout by a long way- but Gout means High SUA.

    You may need to address the high SUA for reasons other than an attack as there are secondary effects on cardiovascular system by a lot of reports.

    Diet [for Gout]in your case would not have as much an impact as losing weight would generally for good health'

    Oats are supposedly on the bad list, brown rice is always better then white etc. -but that high SUA leaves you vulnerable and you need good advice/monotoring on that,  to go with your valid early concerns.

    Forewarned is Forearmed!



    As far as I can tell that aluron you are on is ALLOPURINOL (in Venezuela?) It is a uric acid lowering drug. Did you start it BEFORE or AFTER that UA of 12. Yes indeed, that is definitely “through the roof.”

    If you started it after, then have another blood test soon to see its effects. What is the dosage of the medication? Your doctor is treating you for hyperuricemia which is a prelude to gout.

    You neglected your total cholesterol and your HDL. These are very important in light of your terrible HDL. Nothing to do with gout though, only heart attacks.Wink


    thanks again everyone for the answers!!

    @VegetarianGuy and @trev: Actually I've started going to the Gym first (wanting to loose some weight) and then a friend of mine told me to go and get a blood test just to know how my numbers are, and then i got  the surprise of the UA level. actually not so much of a surprise because, my father had the same problem and since i was a child my mother used to take me to get blood test every couple of month..

    but yeah, the main reason is to stay healthy, loose some weight, and if possible avoid the Gout..

    @sip2play: yes, aluron its the medicine that contain allopurinol in venezuela, its have 100mg of allopurinol, and I started taken it after the test, when I showed the result to my doctor, he gave me a treatment with that medicine..

    I take it every 12 hours, for a month and then I have to go and get another test..

    my LDL cholesterol is normal (actually everything else in the blood test is normal) and for the HDL cholesterol and the triglycerides am taking another medicine..



    You are not taking enough allopurinol for that level of uric acid. A minimum, IMHO, is 300 mg. Let us know your uric acid number when you get it. Your goal is 6.0.

    Have you ever had foot pains without an obvious injury?

    Best drug for raising HDL is high dose niacin, if you can stand the stuff.



    gout is 100% heridity disease – befor i got a gout i was boxer and i had super fitness – and i was not eating a lot of meat – as my friends said UA level depend on the nature of body not directly on food content- because most UA come from yr body – on other hand u should avoid high purine food like red meat and internal organs (like liver) – drink a lot of water take 300 mg allopu daily – dont eat a lot of proteins and fats – reduce ur weight – drink a cup of coffe daily at mrning ( help to flush uA ) + lot of water – dont set for a long time – and be optemistic Laugh

    Keith Taylor

    Soy Sauce is Good for Gout

    I’ve been researching soy sauce for a planned article and I found a useful study:
    Li, Huipin, Mouming Zhao, Guowan Su, Lianzhu Lin, and Yong Wang. “Effect of soy sauce on serum uric acid levels in hyperuricemic rats and identification of flazin as a potent xanthine oxidase inhibitor.” Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 64, no. 23 (2016): 4725-4734.

    Although it’s about rats rather than humans, it’s encouraging to see that soy sauce reduces uric acid. So I hope there’ll be more studies into soy sauce with human gout sufferers.

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