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    Ive had gout for nearly 7 years. During that time attacks were mainly brought on by alcohol. I only took medication during attacks then stopped. About 2 months ago, a had an attack in my left toe.  I then started taking indocid which didnt work. I saw my doctor who gave me a short course of steroids which worked. Whilst taking the steroids the gout attack moved to my right big toe joint where its stayed ever since. The steroids eventually worked.

    My doctor then put me on aluporinol (300mg per day) he advised to gradually increase the amount over a few days. Stupidly as soon as I had another attack I stopped taking the aluporinol. To make a long story short, for the last two months Ive been having an attack at least once every fortnight, then take colchicine, then aluporinol small doses first then building up, then gout attack then stop. Then start all over again. I read that aluporinol will bring on attacks.

    So a bit desparate at the moment. So when taking colchicine  (2 x tabs every 2 hrs until until symtoms pass or nausea comes on then stop for 3 days then take 1 tablet for the next 7 days. Should I take the whole course? Or stop when sympoms pass.

    Sometimes Im not sure when to start taking the aluporinol, as my joint can be sore for some time, but the swelling and acute pain has left. So when should I start taking aluporinol?

    When taking aluporinol, if I have an attack should I just keep taking aluporinol, or stop? And if keep taking aluporinol during attack, do I take colchicine to reduce swelling/pain.

    Im constantly hobbling around.




     I had a simalar thing with my gout last winter it started in one foot then went to the other then back and forth for months. That was before I knew that I had gout for sure. I was up and down on steroids the attacks would come and go. Finally got started on 200 mgs of  Allop. 3 months ago and 1 0.6 Colchicine tablet twice a day. I still have some pain in my ankle but it's better than it was by a long shot. I know that once you start on Allop you have to stay on it for life. I had a very strong flare one week after I started the Allpo but since  the attacks have been father apart and not as intense. So in my case the longer I've been on it the better I get. Good luck LIMPY


    Harbin you have ignored Gout for 7 years which was silly! Get on AlloP 300mg and keep taking it for rest of your life.  First few months will be bad but that is the price one must pay. Stay clear of alcohol and meat. Good luck.

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