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    Some interesting posts here. I have used a meter for a couple of years now and have noticed that individual consecutive results are not especially consistent. What you should do is plot the results on something like an excel spread sheet and then insert a trend line. A typical trend line would use the moving average of the last 6 test results. (excel will do this automatically for you) In this way you get a more consistent plot with odd highs and lows blended out. I think this will show the long term picture better and whether the blood urate level is trending up or down.
    Now a couple of questions:
    1. Gout crystal appear in the blood above a certain concentration. When the concentration reduces the crystals re dissolve in the blood and the gout disappears. The crystals will be more soluble in a warm solution rather than a cold one. Therefore you should bathe the affected area in hot water rather than ice it as is sometimes recommended????
    2. How quickly will a gout trigger – beer for example – appear as a higher urate level in the blood?
    3. If you take a sample of blood from a zone affected by gout will this show up as a higher urate level on the tester? Is it important where you take a sample for testing?

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