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    Mike Trieu

    Don’t mean to necropost, but I just stumbled across this forum and decided to look up current research on point-of-care uric acid testing meters on Google Scholar. There’s a relatively new (to this forum, anyway) study from May 2, 2018 that looked into the HumaSens meter. Thought it might be of potential interest to us fellow gout sufferers.


    Edit: I thought this section was particularly interesting:

    “To improve the results and avoid using capillary UA target threshold values different from the plasma UA threshold commonly used, HumaSensplus devices could be recalibrated by using the linear regression formula capillary UAโ€‰=โ€‰39.21โ€‰+โ€‰0.85 ร— plasma UA.”

    That’s comforting to know it can sync with the “ground truth” after purchase.

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