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    Marc Fehr

    oh my goodness what??
    They’ve been prescribing me .6mg colchicine with intstructions 1 pill 3 times daily. That might be part of the problem as far as defeating attacks. That’s too low!

    And just more history, so you all know, I’ve gotten it all over my feet, my knees, and sometimes I’m pretty sure it’s in my elbows and fingers. I just realized that I made it sound like it was mostly just my left foot. That’s just the one that got out of control.

    Okay I’m upping colchicine to try to defeat this little attack on my right foot. I’m also upping Allopurinol to 200mg/day and will get a blood test asap (here in Alberta it’s free so I might go today even and then again next week)

    Thanks so much everyone this is the first real hope I’ve had in a long time.

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    Marc Fehr

    Yes I would like structured gout help please.

    I believe I’ve given a decent amount of backstory, here and on the Help My Gout topic that I made (if you recall?)

    So as of now that blood test was 1 week ago, showing 576 umol/L . Liver and Kidney seem to be fine. A bit high suger (I think it was triglycerides?) and a bit high cholesterol but nothing crazy.

    Like I say, I had surgery to remove the crystals on my left foot, 3 weeks ago. It was very bad.

    And now it is attacking my right foot. I know I’m probably not supposed to do this, but I am using colchicine and indomethacin on top of the Allopurinol I started last week (Tuesday May 16th I believe). Oh and I should note, the colchicine and indo don’t really work on me anymore. BUt I gotta do *something* …

    I am going back to work very soon as a Plumber and need that foot in working order or it is going to be extreme pain, as I am used to for the last 5 years, but I would rather get it fixed or taken care of asap, obviously.

    THat’s about it for now I think, thanks!

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    Marc Fehr

    Okay I got a new family doctor today and got the blood work done today as well. I will post Thursday when I get results of my uric acid. I’m getting her to get me started on Allopurinol on Thursday (hopefully).

    I’ll be browsing around on this site a lot. I heard spinach is not the best due to purines? but I just had a whey protein shake with a handful of spinach and milk. Am about to eat broccolli and then some chicken breast.

    I am serious about a long term plan to control my gout and getting my life back.

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    Marc Fehr

    Thanks guys.
    No doctor to date has tested my uric acid nor blood nor joint fluid.
    They say Canadian healthcare is free, but it comes at a price. I will have to educate myself and nag these doctors and keep looking for the right one to get me started and help me along. I have an appointment with my podiatrist tomorrow to evaluate the healing from surgery.
    Thank you so much for this website I now have renewed hope. I will get those tests done asap and I’ve written down all the drug treatments you have listed, a few of which I’ve never even heard of.
    A major problem is that my work is often quite physical and if I go back to the same job I was doing, that means steel toe boots all day everyday. Should I just give up on that and try harder to find jobs that don’t involve my feet so much? Or keep hope alive and beat this thing and do whatever I want with my feet like I used to?

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    Marc Fehr

    New Guy to Gout needs Gout Tips and Help

    I just logged in and it brought me here. I guess my topic is super general right now.
    I am 41 and been dealing with gout since I was 36. and actually even earlier but at that time I had no idea what it was and only came once a year kind of thing.

    Are there any fast, good tips I can get right now? I try to use apple cider vinegar once in a while. I notice no real change or benefit but it has a slight placebo affect. I’ve only been prescribed Indomethecin and Colchicine before, haven’t tried anything else. I think I need better doctors, or better educate myself and pursuade the doctors myself like you did.
    I recently had the surgery on my left foot so now the joints at least work again. It’s been 3 weeks and still painful. Worried the gout will now attack my right foot. I think I feel the beginnings of one.

    That’s it for now, thanks. Marc

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