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    chris mousel

    Dairy Extract Pills?

    While reading update material, I became aware of the product mentioned in my title.
    Is there a brand name associated with the non-protein dairy pills available for consumption in lowering SUA levels?

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    chris mousel

    SUA Dr. Unimpressed by Gout Crystals

    Hi Just an update. My original question was answered beautifully. Had no real track record of labs, no diagnosis ever given. The symptoms I was experiencing seemed to be crystal resolving- but completely unknown.
    Well I had an episode of painless swelling to my right knee. Unable to bend, joint felt unsteady. 10 cc of fluid was drained from my knee and yes no more question about.
    Gout crystals found but ” not a lot “.
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry?
    The doctors are still not impressed!
    Thank You to the forum , because you helped me understand what was happening. I don’t know what the future holds but I’ll remain on the eating journey I began and go one day at a time.
    My last crystal dissolving event was in September of 2018; lasted about 14 days which was not fun and this knee swelling event is the latest.
    I did get a steroid injection to the knee and function returned pretty quickly.
    I guess more lab work to follow being done in one week.

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    chris mousel

    Keith…..Too Funny! I’ve noticed your wicked sense of humour! Thanks for the belly laughs…….C.

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    chris mousel


    Thank You for reply!
    At least I don’t feel like I’m nuts now!
    No alcohol…..No wine….No beer.
    I’m pretty boring in that regard, I’m
    on 24/7 pain patch though.
    Excercise daily must be on my plan so I have to set some goals. Water and I will need to become fast friends again. I did add ice tea and coffee with some sweet&low I know chemicals right? But I needed to switch something up. Admittedly fruit is my nemesis, sugar addiction doesn’t go away over night. But sweet&low may be the slippery slope.
    My next test will be March, 2 weeks before kidney man. I’ll check back with you then unless the dreaded flares rear their ugly heads!
    Again nobody, thank you for hanging in with me……..this place makes it easier to soften the struggle.
    Thank You Keith. C.

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    chris mousel

    Just had second SUA test. Sept.20 2018 asked my internist to include.
    This SUA is 6.8.
    The first one as above May 11 2018
    was. 6.2. I have had no gout flares since the major issues I referenced above so it’s been 4 months. I have added eggs, non-fat dairy ( skim milk and fat -free cheddar) to my diet. My weight has remained stable in the 4 months after my complete diet changes and the 66 lb. at. loss.
    Since I’ve had no further flares in the past four months I have had no symptoms to go and ask to have a needle biopsy at any sites of inflammation. So I have not made any progress to get a firm diagnosis in writing. My water intake is a chore. I once a month have eaten out which included a meat , poultry, or fish entree but consume non of it at home.
    Yes I’m still considered overweight by at least 35 lbs. which I will have to start increasing exercise to achieve the loss. Is exercise the only issue I should be addressing now? My SUA 2nd test is higher than the first- and since vegetable purines are not supposed to effect gout. What else am I missing?
    I can give up the one dinner a month animal protein.
    Any other thoughts on the diet front would be helpful.
    Or do I just wait for a flare but ask to be hooked up with Rheumatology in order to have a source for the biopsy?
    Any thoughts would be helpful.
    Thank you. C.

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    chris mousel

    Wow Had no idea! As I said all the weird stuff.Autoimmune problems!
    Even now 23 years after the fact the diagnosis of Endometriosis which I was seen and treated for and used Ibuprophen for is now listed as Autoimmune related. I have always run a super high ANA titre which has been run on me since my early 20’s. Maternal Aunt’s one died from Lupus and the oldest sister in the family had a combination of Autoimmune severe Autoimmune disease’s. Only my Mother the baby of the family was never diagnosed with Autoimmune issues. Unless Alzheimer’s turns out to be placed in that category one day.She had no other significant medical issues. I used to joke with my sister that one day I would discover why all those years ago my titre was so high…. I knew one day I would find out! That day started a year ago. And now with your info it just continues……
    I’m almost sitting here having a chuckle.
    Again, thanks so much for the input!
    Now I’ve had my laugh for the day.
    My best wishes to you!

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    chris mousel

    Excuse the mispells it’s the pain meds effect on my brain if I’m not concentrating enough.

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    chris mousel

    I no longer have the Internist who had me use Lasix. I was on it a very minimal dose and not every day. I had. an incident of leg swelling that appeared after eating some kind of processed food out of the clear blue sky. I was overweight but I’ve always had long thin legs, so to watch them blow up twice there size filled with water was awful. It took several days to subside but I did not experience gout symptoms that I’m aware of unless it was during chick pea time?
    That particular no longer my Dr., I was not happy when he balked at my seeing a Kidney man. He had ordered the labs that came back with elevated BUN and Creatinine. Felt he could watch it? I also found out from the nurse my blood sugar was elevated but he never told me about it. I called my pain specialist And told her I was now really afraid he might be missing something and asked her if she would run a baseline of labs just to be thourough. She agreed I followed with her in the office and she gave me a copy of my results and told me to take them right to his office which I did. The Internist looked at results as he was in the office and my story to him was a medication change with my pain Dr. Prompted her to run a baseline set of labs for her records. My pain Dr. did not trust him by then either. He asked if he could have a copy and of course I said yes.
    Later that day my pain Dr. Called and asked if he looked at the results and what did he say?
    I told her he didn’t say anything just looked and took a copy.
    My pain Dr. then told me I needed to see an Endocrinologist right away as something was wrong with my thyroid.
    I called the University hospital and got an appointment right away.After a Thyroid ultrasound and radionuclear testing and lab work I was found to have an Autoimmune condition of Graves Disease and 4 thyroid nodules two if which were cold nodules and required biopsy. Luckily that came back negative. So I promptly attached myself to the University Hospital System and have a Internist I’m happy with and pays attention when I tell her something. It’s quite a relief at this point. So I will take your advice and follow with the woman Internist I see now and have her journey down the gout education path
    With me. I did have the Serum Uric Acid done one week after the last attack of 14 days as I had read the test results could be lower during the active phase? Was one week wait time enough? And thanx for mentioning eggs I did not have them on my list!
    Thank You so much for your time. So well appreciated.
    Sincerely, Christine

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    chris mousel


    Lasix self corrected to basic in dissertation above. Sorry C.

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    chris mousel

    Hello nobody,
    Yes I have no other previous Serum Uric Acid Levels to judge against.
    This was my very first one. I had one previous clue when I tried BANZA Pasta. Two brothers who came up with Chick Pea to make pasta.That was about 2 years ago. I purchased a sample two boxes when they started marketing the product. I had what would be seen and described as a gout episode in my left foot big toe. I was shocked so I started my Internet search and found reference material that indicated chick peas could cause pseudo gout. I stopped the chick pea pasta and never entertained the thought of eating them or any food stuff comprised of them again.
    I had mentioned this to Kidney man also when I told him about my symptoms the first time I mentioned I thought I might have gout.That’s when he said if I had that issue he could give me something. I went to Kidney man initially because I had two episodes of elevated BUN and Creatinine. Happened about two years apart. The first time I was rushed to the hospital by a Rheumatologist who referred me to a Nephrologist. I was kept in 3 days then released because I was not in renal failure. The second time my internist said it needed watching and my urologist said no you need Kidney man and my pain specialist agreed. So I was originally referred to Kidney man for a totally different issue. He gave me a diagnosis of Chronic Renal Disease Stage 2. Took me off basic and said my numbers were off due to dehydration. So I’ve been fighting the lack of water for some time. I now during waking hours set my alarm every 4 hours to remind myself to stop and drink. I can drink I just don’t have a natural desire to drink much at all. So I’m working at it.
    My renal diagnosis is believed to be related to using Ibuprofen regularly monthly over a 10-12 year time frame. Again a weird off beat issue of menses called Endometriosis. Which again is another pain and inflammatory problem. Again I had not gone into depth about anti- inflamatories with Kidney man. But I most certainly could.
    So yes my Urologist who saw me through passing stones twice on my own and one requiring Lithotripsey
    ( shock wave ) procedure had never done Serum Uric Acid or 24 hour urine. The stones early on had been examined and found to be oxylate. I had not had any gout issues so no one was looking as I had not had the experience. That’s what prompted my question for my current situation.
    Purines and Uric Acid investigation is what led me to look for gout groups. I knew someone had to know more than I did. So I’m thinking I will ask my Internist to take over the gout investigation and ordering further Serum Uric Acid testing as she will be the person referring me to Rheumatology if necessary.
    Kidney man who by the way I like very much no disrespect intended is not affiliated with my group at Northwestern Medicine.
    My Urologist who I came to choose was someone the local hospital ER referred me to when I could not pass the last stone requiring intervention.My Urologist referred me to Kidney man and I selected him following Urologist advice.
    Kidney man and I at my last recent office visit discussed the symptoms I was having which prompted him order the Serum Uric Acid and 24 hour urine.The results only became available 2 days ago by phone when I was given recommendation of Increase fluids, start B6 daily and Low Oxalate diet. Unfortunately my terrific response to the eating changes I made over the last year contain many ” High Oxalate” foods.
    So I will be taking a suggestion from you and add back non-fat dairy. And I may incorporate some organic chicken for protein source. And I’m looking at protein powders now as to Oxalate content. Hemp powder I can’t pin down the Oxalate content yet? But my Peanut Butter powder I was so happy to find is an Oxalate no no.
    I’m just now trying to absorb the nutrition requirements and foods I can have to avoid purines and Oxalate. I just haven’t mastered it yet. I thank you for your wisdom and advice.

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    chris mousel


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    Justin This may or may not help you.
    For significant medical reasons I made eating habit changes. I purchased two books about Ending Diabetes. Over one year I have dropped 66 lbs. And my risk has been removed for being diagnosed with diabetes. The advice included No Sugar, No Oil, No Salt. No Dairy,
    No Meat, No Fowl, No Fish.
    Sounds utterly awful I know but slowly to start I got it right.
    Fruit , Vegetables , Beans,
    Nuts and seeds. I substituted Almond Milk for Dairy.
    I roast my veggies with lemon juice.
    I use Brown Rice Pasta as it’s a whole grain, can’t tell the difference. I use whole grain breads.
    Nix the white flour empty calories.
    Drink fruit flavored chilled herb tea. And my latest discovery is Powdered Peanut Butter. So much less fat than regular.
    I found too many beans started my gout symptoms, so I hopped on here to start learning. I stay away from the known gout triggers.
    Vegan diets don’t necessarily control fat, sugar, and salt intake but that might be something you can try.
    Is it hard? No Not if like me I was afraid to have one more issue physically!Is it less tasty ? It can be but with the Internet at your fingers you can find items that perk up flavor. Also recipes galore for vegetables I had never indulged in.
    Bottom line you don’t go hungry.
    The secret is: going out to eat is my guilty pleasure. However I only eat out once or twice a month usually at lunch between Dr. visits. That’s when I choose food I want to eat never having Sugar! And never adding salt!
    Keeping to whole grain bread choices.
    Indulging in meat, fish, or chicken.
    Sometimes eggs.That’s how I manage all the other days of the month eating at home as described above.
    My food urges don’t exist anymore and the best thing is sugar is not my most desired item. Fresh and frozen fruit always available.
    Vitamix invaluable for Almond Milk, peanut butter powder, cocoa, and frozen banana smoothies.
    Again I’m no gout expert, at all And still learning but dropping the excess weight and discovering how to eat and keep the uric acid level down. Yes I’m doing this also to avoid any possibility of having to add medication. My Nephrologist ( kidney man) has just begun my gout symptom investigation but I’m prepared to get referred to Rheumatology. My Dad had Rhumatory Arthritis, so beside my father’s beautiful blue eyes I inherited a second genetic feature.
    Best Wishes C.

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    chris mousel

    Does CBD help Gout?

    James I’m a newbie here but I have some experience with CBD. Charlotte’s Web. I have another condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. Due to the intense nature of pain produced by this condition the CBD oil was never able to combat pain the way a scheduled drug could. My gout experience has included 4 episodes over the last year. CBD oil would not have touched the pain presented during an active attack. CBD oil also has a titration level, start small and work up to the dose required to assist you. Then it’s taken daily. Gout attacks are so sudden and vary in length I doubt you could titrate a dose timely enough during the attack.

    Also CBD oil is not inexpensive. The dose required for adult strength oil is costly per month out of pocket. Monthly for everyday use as intended runs well over 250.00 dollars monthly. CBD is not covered by insurance currently. Also CBD oil although having a .3 percent active ingredient THC. By which you don’t achieve a ” high “.

    It does show up on urine drug testing in a very short period of time. This leaves you vulnerable to legal prosecution depending, at least in the U.S.on where you reside. To be safe you would need a doctor order and have a state given I.D. to allow it’s use. Also your driver’s license would require a signed statement of your condition sanctioned by your M.D. allowing you to drive legally.
    Best wishes C.

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