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What is going on with the price of Colchicine?

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      I just refilled my prescription for Colchicine this morning at the drug store, and was a little taken back by the $50.00 co-pay. I have terrfic health care (Thank God) and when I looked at the price, I was shocked. $532.00 for a 90 count bottle of Colchicine (0.6mg)!!! What the hell? My insurance paid $472.00 of that cost, leaving me the $50.00 remaining cost. That is just robbery.

      For comparison, I pay a $25.00 co-pay for a 90 count bottle of Allopurinol (300mg), and a $10.00 co-pay for a 6 day Methlyprednisone pack. All 3 meds are very important to Gout survival, but honestly, I never remember paying that much for Colchicine.

      I don’t know how the Gout patients are supposed to manage if you don’t have health care. No wonder so many are looking for alternative methods to battle this condition. Who could afford the prescriptions?

      The bad part is Gout is Gout. While painful and debilitating it’s not something that is going to lead to an immediate death. Yes, it has long term health issues, and yes, it can lead to other issues. But Colchicine, Allopurinol, or Methylprednisone are not Lopressor (Hypertension), Insulin (Diabetic), Coumadin (anti-coagulant), or Albuterol (bronchdialator). I can’t imagine how patients can survive paying such extreme high cost of prescription medication. The drug companies know they have the public by the throat and continue to step on it.

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      Gout Patient

      I just got 30 Colchicine 0.6 mg for $9.11 CDN. I live in Canada. I hope that Trump can sort out your medical systems in the USA.

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      Keith Taylor

      Patrick, there’s been so much debate on this over the years, I don’t know where to start. I’ll try to recap. This is from memory, so forgive me for any slight errors.

      The FDA gave what is now Takeda a license for monopoly supply of colchicine, branded as Colcrys. Up to then, colchicine had never had full approval (it was called an ‘orphan drug’). This was a few years ago, and caused considerable outrage at the time.

      Some people took the Canada route that Stephen describes. I also reported a legal workround through the “compounding pharmacy” route. There is also a discount scheme for low-income gout sufferers.

      But, the Colcrys monopoly was only granted for 3(?) years. Generic colchicine should be available. I’ve seen reports that it is being licensed. And, I’ve asked for people to find out for me, what the situation on the ground is:

      Lingering pain/weakness 6 weeks after initial flair

      Krystexxa Experience

      I’m hoping to get time in January to chat to friendly pharmacists in the Southern States. Also, I’m in DC for Inauguration Day (coincidence!). I’ll try find out what The Donald thinks ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      The FDA gave what is now Takeda a license for monopoly supply of colchicine, branded as Colcrys.

      Guys, thanks for the responses. I guess my post was more of a rant instead of a question, but I truly appreciate the answers.

      Stephen, I can’t move to Canada, so I suppose that solution is out of the question. But it’s crazy to know that our neighbors to the north pay so little for the exact same medication.

      The quote I highlighted Keith is the root of the problem. When drug companies have a monopoly on the market, just like anything, they can do as they please. I need to look no further than the absolute ROBBERY that Mylan (drug co. theat produces Epi-pen) did to the public here in the U.S. with the Epi-Pen. 600% increase in cost in 3 years is criminal.

      A $50 co-pay is not going to kill me, but it’s awful that an insurance company has to pay out that ridiculous cost. I will look into a generic equivilant, but until then, beware U.S. consumers.

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      Keith Taylor

      “itโ€™s awful that an insurance company has to pay out that ridiculous cost.”

      It’s much worse than that, Patrick. You are paying it in your premiums. That’s why insurance companies never kicked up a fuss about it. Conspiracy? You betcha!

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