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Smoked Salmon and Gout

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      Rich Blazeski

      Hey guys,

      I was thinking to eat like 150 g/smoked salmon / week divided in two portions, what do you think, will this affect too much.

      Also, I am thinking of having like 700 ml of red wine once per week or at two weeks. .

      Am I crazy:)? Will this affect my uric acid levels in a significant way?

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      If you are still taking allopurinol, that should allow you to induldge a bit.
      But since you are taking a small dose, you should be careful. The amounts you are talking about aren’t excessive so that ought to be fine.
      If you are worried, get a blood test a few weeks after changing your habits. I doubt you would see a statistically significant difference.

      That said, there are other concerns than uric acid. I wouldn’t recommend the smoked salmon one finds in most shops and I don’t know how you handle alcohol. There are many reasons to avoid alcohol such as having liver problems.

      Generally, I think most people who have a serious gout problem would do well to avoid alcohol until they stop having attacks.
      But you never had really serious attacks or high uric acid, right? So the risk is minimal in your case.

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      d q

      as nobody says it’s probably best if you check your levels after changing your eating habits.

      On the smoked salmon side, I eat smoked salmon regularly that comes from the market and that comes from most shops and have no issues with it. In fact it is healthy for you. I’m not too sure what constitutes as ‘a lot’ of smoked salmon but again start with maybe 100grams and check your UA levels then depending on that you know to move up or down.

      Smoked (or not) Salmon is delicious! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Eat everything in slightly stricter moderation to people without gout and avoid a few ‘key’ foods and you will be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

      Dont worry too much.

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      Rich Blazeski

      Now I am in my second Alopurinol series of 20 days per month/100 mg per day.
      Anyhow I manage it very hard, is very tough for me to think that I can t have a glass of wine 2 3 times per week..I didn’t drink before over measure, only few beers at ocasions, a glass of wine, and some 3 4party per year with hangover.
      Indeed I didn t have a serious attack,I don t know what pain it is, I think what I was experienced was nothing compared with others.
      My last value was 4.3 and my highest measurred was 5.9. Inside myself I still hope is not gout, but my rational mind..tell me that can t be something else.
      Hope you are good too guys and as it s vacation time, I wish you a nice vacation and try sunny places ๐Ÿ™‚

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