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      Keith Taylor

      I maintain that you cannot have an effective gout diet unless it is founded on an eating plan that is generally healthy. So, I explain to Gout Foodies that you need to adopt a basic healthy eating plan. Then, when that is combined with uric acid monitoring, you can become a gout dieter. Therefore foundation diets are healthy eating plans that are vital to Gout Foodies, and Gout Dieters.

      But, which foundation diet should Gout Foodies choose? Then, how might Gout Dieters tweak them for better uric acid control? To start, I’m going to focus on the first part – Choosing eating plans for Gout Foodies. So, that should be an overview of each foundation diet that allows easy comparison. Therefore, the foundation diets are:
      – 40-30-30 – The Zone Diet.
      – Alkaline PRAL Eating Style.
      – DASH Diet.
      – EFSEP – Eat Food, Sufficient, Especially Plants.
      – Mediterranean Eating Style.

      As a first step, I’ll flag the relevant pages, and link them here. Secondly, I’ll ensure those pages explain how gout dieters can adapt them for their personal needs. Finally, I’ll complete the review of foundation diets for Gout Foodies, to complete this suggestion.
      Gout Foundation Diet image

      Do you have any other suggestions for basic healthy diets?

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      Keith Taylor

      Please can you complete the short survey at Mediterranean, DASH, or Alkaline Diet for Gout?

      I’ve not included EFSEP, or Zone Diet, in the survey. Because, I want to focus on the food scoring methods I mentioned for Gout Foundation Diets. But, I will include them in the articles I write from results of that survey. So, if you want to see some new ways to manage food changes for gout, please submit the survey.

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      Re: “I believe a Pro/PRAL scoring system will benefit Gout Foodies”

      I took a look at the USDA’s abridged list and, neglecting items with missing values, spices, processed foods and such the only <-4 PRAL foods containing >10% protein were (ordered by decreasing protein content):
      Beans, black, mature seeds, raw
      Beans, pink, mature seeds, raw
      Beans, adzuki, mature seeds, raw
      Peppers, sweet, green, freeze-dried
      Seeds, lotus seeds, dried
      Peppers, pasilla, dried
      Unsurprisingly, beans are the star food but I didn’t see peppers coming, much less lotus seeds.

      I then tried the naive protein*PRAL/kcal and got somewhat more intriguing results. Here’s the top of the list (the first item scoring a good bit higher than the others):
      Peppers, sweet, green, freeze-dried
      Beet greens, raw
      Spinach, raw
      Amaranth leaves, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt
      Cowpeas, leafy tips, raw
      Peppers, pasilla, dried
      There are many foods bearing names I don’t recognize like kanpyo a bit lower down that list. The best beans score fairly well but still under 60% as low as raw spinach.
      In sum, amusing exercise but not very useful. Maybe with a more sophisticated scoring system…

      A big problem with this approach is that it doesn’t take the protein mix into account. People shouldn’t be getting most of their protein from beans!
      I don’t think there’s a way around scoring how the whole diet is balanced (something which is as far as I can tell is often done very poorly, even by professional dieticians).

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        Keith Taylor

        Wow, thanks for that. I’m only at the ‘ideas’ stage at the moment. So, I haven’t played with any numbers yet. But, your findings are intriguing.

        I think your final paragraph goes to the heart of the problem with all food scoring systems. To the point that, I might forget the whole thing! Anyway, it isn’t my main priority at the moment. But, you’ve certainly given me food for thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

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