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      Keith Taylor

      I can see that my Uricase page needs updating. Specifically, I need to:
      – Update research on Krystexxa, and related pharmaceuticals, for Gout Patients.
      – Create separate information about herbal uricase promoting products for Gout Herbalists.
      – Create separate information about natural uricase promoting foods for Gout Patients.

      So, I will probably replace all current uricase-related pages with new pages that address the needs of different types of gout sufferer. Then, add an overview that explains what uricase is, and how it benefits gout sufferers.

      Personally, I’m very interested in this topic. Because, I think I can provide a better framework for pages like Sauerkraut and Gout. But mainly because I like all ideas that can promote gout recovery through lifestyle improvements. So even gout patients who have had their one-off Krystexxa treatment might benefit from promoting their ownuricase producers in the gut.

      Speaking of the gut, my only new research so far is “Role of the Intestinal Tract in the Elimination of Uric Acid”. It’s quite heavy going, but very revealing.

      In conclusion then, extensive degradation of an appreciable proportion of the uric acid occurs in man, with carbon dioxide and ammonia as the principal uricolytic products. Degradation of intravenously administered uric acid-CI4 is markedly decreased when effective intestinal bacteriostasis is instituted, indicating that the gut is the main site of uricolysis. Approximately one-third of the uric acid formed daily is degraded in normal subjects. In most gouty subjects, extrarenal disposal of uric acid is even greater. In some patients with renal insufficiency, enteral uricolysis constitutes the major process of disposal of uric acid.

      So far, I haven’t found any practical tips. But, the second sentence of that conclusion proves that if bad eating habits destroy your gut bacteria, your body has more uric acid from food to deal with.

      Next, I’ll summarize that report in laymans terms as soon as possible. Then, I will pull in more research on foods and products that promote uricolysis. Also, I’ll research “uricolytic gut microbes”.

      How Uricase Eliminates Uric Acid image

      How uricase from your gut bacteria (or from Krystexxa) kicks out uric acid.

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