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I don’t have gout, but my uric acid level is 9.6.

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      GoutPal Victim

      Uric Acid Limits

      This is a far-reaching discussion about different aspects of uric acid limits. Including what to do when uric acid is at different levels. So be sure to read on to the end. Then follow the advice in the summary to see limits of different uric acid ranges. And what you should do about your uric acid.

      I don’t have gout, but my uric acid level is 9.6.

      My doctor asked me to eat a low purine diet. No list states the serving size, nor how much of total purines I should eat a day. Please help me.
      I am not diabetic.


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      d q

      While your uric acid is indeed very high, not all people will develop gout. The normal approach would be to start medication after a gout attack.
      Some rhematologists would say start medication after a single gout attack, some would say if you get two gout attacks within a calendar year however I am no doctor and the doctor you see may very completely in opinion.

      I started medication after the second attack and looking back it now, had I known what the pain would be like, I wouldn’t even wait for the second attack and would have started it after the first attack.

      On another note, a low purine diet is highly unlikely to bring your uric acid levels down alone. 9.6 is exceptionally high for diet alone treatment. Again I am no doctor.

      My opinion would be to either discuss further treatment options for your high uric acid with your doctor or maybe see a specilalist rheumatologist.

      Gout is an insidious disease and creeps up on you over time but not everyone with high uric acid will get it.

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      GoutPal has a purine content list which seems standardized per weight. You could convert those values into whatever serving sizes you like to use but I don’t think there would be much point because there is no particular amount of purines you should be eating in the first place. Purines aren’t like proteins or what have you in that the ideal amount in your diet is simply zero. But of course you need to eat some.
      My assumption would be that if you’re told to go on a low purine diet that simply means you ought to try eating less purines. And for that purpose, even if you wanted to bother with counting purines the amount per serving wouldn’t be useful. What you might be able to make use of instead is the amount of purines per calorie or relative to the amount of protein in the food.
      Realistically though, the practical way to achieve a low purine diet is simply to avoid the especially purine-rich foods. The difference between the purine content of cheese and meat for instance is so large that the actual values don’t matter: if you have no reason to avoid dairy (lowering the amount of purines you eat ought not to be your only dietary concern!), getting most of your protein from dairy is the easy ticket to a low purine diet. It can be that simple.
      Most of the plants containing little protein also do not contain much in the way of purines so you can eat your fill of that stuff without counting purines.

      In addition to limiting purines, noteworthy among the things which might help you lose some uric acid are:
      -eating enough vegetables containing lots of magnesium, potassium and calcium to help your body get rid of the uric acid it produces
      -avoiding alcohol
      -limiting fructose, especially when used as a sweetener (see HFCS)
      -losing weight (if applicable)

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      I would listen to what these posters are telling you, especially d q. His advice is spot on. While your Uric Acid is really high, you are a ticking time bomb. You didn’t state your age, and age plays a role as it pertains to Gout attacks. My Uric Acid was always high, Every physical I had for work, my Uric Acid was always above 7, and the doctor would ask me if I had ever been diagnosed with Gout. I said, “No, never. What is Gout? Is that the condition drunk people get?” I didn’t know jack squat about Gout, and thank God I found this place.

      Fast forward to age 44 and BOOM…I suffered my first Gout attack (my Uric Acid was around 9.6 at this time). My Rheumotologist did EXACTLY what d q said. “Let’s wait and see if you suffer more than 3 per calender year.” That is really horrible advice in hindsight and let me tell you why…just because you are not suffering Gout attacks, doesn’t mean your Uric Acid is getting better. It’s getting worse. It’s getting higher and with high Uric Acid comes attacks, and potentailly bigger health problems such as liver disease, heart disease, and kidney problems.

      Again, I don’t know how old you are but if that profile picture is you, you look young. If it’s not you, I apologize but don’t confuse high Uric Acid and the lack of Gout attacks as not having Gout. Take care of that high Uric Acid BEFORE you get an attack and you will thank us later. I promise

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      Gary Engel

      Uric Acid Level 4.3. Is 300mg Allopurinol the right drug?

      uric acid levels good have had gout in big toe about 15yrs ago.the pain is around the Achille’s tendon or on the side of the foot prescribed 300mg allopurinol for joint deterioration. After 2wks pain almost gone 2wks later pain back.This drug controls acid problems my readings were 5.3 five yrs ago and 4.3 recently, blood sugar and cholesterol all good am I on the wrong drug

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        Keith Taylor

        My best guess is you read your uric acid blood test result wrong. I imagine it actually says 0.43mm/L or 430μmol/L. Or, sometimes people look at urea, which is something else.

        If you like, Gary, I can check this for you. Just take a photo of your uric acid blood test result. Then attach it to the feedback form below. Or save it in Dropbox, Gdrive, or similar and send the link.

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