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      Hello fellow sufferers, having gout is just a pain in the butt, isn’t it?

      I’m a 23 year old male and I’ve experienced attacks of gout on and off now for about 4 years now. It runs in my family, but I hear that it’s rare for people at a young age like me to have this problem.

      Seeing how it runs in the family, my dad has all the gout medicine on hand already that he keeps insisting me to take such as allopurinol and colchicine. But I’ve done some research on such medications to find out that in the long term they are really damaging for the body. So I’ve been researching on the web as to other ways that can help manage this problem that we have.

      I ran across a product called Gout Care and have read a good amount of customer surveys and testimonials. What attracts me to this product is that it claims to be 100% natural made from herbal medicines. I am curious to see if anyone here has tried this product and would just like to have some feedback regarding this matter. Or maybe even recommend something that can be done to help with the gout, besides the normal watch your diet, drink lotsa water, etc. Because I’m already practicing all that right now, but would just like to take preventative future measures.

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      Brian Schlenker

      I’m 28 just was diagnosed with gout In both ankles!! Don’t know what to do

      How’s it going? Like I said am 28 am fairly skinny and healthy. Never had issues with my ankles before. I have been drinking about 4 drinks of whiskey and Coke every night for about 2 months. I started running 2-4 miles every day about a month ago the. Each night would drink. I know this was probably the worst thing to do but long story short all the sudden I couldn’t barely walk and couldn’t go up stairs my ankles hurt so much. I went 6 days in the worst pain I’ve felt and finally went to dr. She ran blood to check for rheumatoid arthritis since my dad has it and checked my acid levels for gout. They came back elevated. Thank god my RA factor was normal. What do I need to do. I went and got tart cherry concentrate and celery pills. Also have drank lemon juice with baking soda and water. Ankles feel a little better but still hurt. And I wanna still drink but think that’s out of the question now. What do you guys think? And thank you for taking the time to read this.

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        Keith Taylor

        Hi Brian,

        I know the gout diagnosis is a shock to you. But, you are not alone. Because my nephew got his gout diagnosis slightly younger than you. Also, thousands of others get the same problem in their twenties rather than forties or later. So, it just means you can learn to manage it now, rather than later when it’s harder to cope.

        Firstly, I think you have to focus on uric acid. Because alcohol at your intake is not the problem. So, you can study alcohol and gout if you want. But, my experience is that 4 whiskeys a night is not going to have a huge impact. Unless you’re talking bottles! However, the current medical advice is to not drink every day, though that’s general health rather than gout.

        You say your uric acid is “elevated”. But, that doesn’t really mean anything. Because with uric acid, exact numbers matter. So, whatever your number is now, you have to get it below 5mg/dL. Or, if you have other medical issues, you might have to settle for 6mg/dL.

        Secondly, be careful with baking soda for gout.

        I can give you a better idea about better ways to fix your gout if I know your uric acid number. But, if you want to do some research yourself, its best to start with what type of gout sufferer are you.

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        Let’s learn about your gout together.

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        Hey Brian. Well this is a great place to start to gather information.

        Lets start with the obvious question…when you say your “acid levels came back elevated,” what exactly were they? Elevated is a very vague. I think anyone here would ask that question, because there is a pretty big difference between “elevated” and “high.” The good thing is you are 28 years old, and if indeed you do have Gout, the damage from excessive Uric Acid is probably minimal. Also, if your Uric Acid is just a little over the threshhold, maybe some lifestyle changes can help you. That’s why it’s important to know exactly where your Uric Acid levels are.

        You also mentioned that your dad had RA…there are some similarities to RA and Gout. The symptoms can mimic each other. Gout, can also be passed down from generation to generation, so it’s important to know if your father did indeed have RA, or if he was ever tested for Gout.

        As for your question about what you can do for your condition…it seems you already have some information (and mis-information) about Gout. This all depends on where your Uric Acid levels are. If they are in the low end of “elevated”, some lifestyle changes can help you. Change in diet, limited animal proteins can help. Limit your alcohol intake (and ESPECIALLY all but eliminate drinking COKE with your Whiskey). Fructose and Sucrose are not good for a Gout lifestyle. Vegetables can be your friends. Hydrate your body, and keep it hydrated. And keep exercising. Keep your weight down. Keeping your weight down not only helps with your overall health, it helps keep your supporting internal organs healthy. Your liver and kidneys especially. Elixers, such as Cherry Juice, celery pills, lemon water, etc. may have benefits, but if they do, it would minimal. The are probably doing more for your overall health, as opposed to what they are actually doing for your Gout.

        There is a handy “Google Custom Search” box in the upper right hand corner of this page. You could probably find the answer to just about every question you have in there. Or, you could follow some of the threads here and realize that a lot of people out there are just like you, going through exactly what you are.

        Most of us here would suggest visiting a doctor to have them explain where your Uric Acid levels are, and where you kidney and liver functions are. If your levels are indeed high, medication may be in your future. But all that can be answered after a consultation with a doctor. Hope this helps.

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        Brian Schlenker

        Thank you guys for responding! Monday morning I am going to call my doctor and find out exactly what the level was. I have learned so much just from reading through this site and that is nice! Once I find out specific levels I will post here so you guys can better understand. Sorry didn’t mean to be so vague I didn’t even realize I needed to be so specific until reading some of these posts lol! Like I said this is all foreign to me. I am going to the doctor with specific questions now after learning a lot from this site. I will post update. Thank you all again.

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        Keith Taylor

        Brian, there’s absolutely no need to apologize. Because we never really know the right questions to ask until we know the answers! So, that’s a paradox we can only solve by chatting and getting to know each other better.

        If anything, it’s your doctor who should know better. Because I believe doctors should be clearer at explaining uric acid test results. After all, every gout patient should have a target for uric acid. Then, you know that after 6 months at your target, you are well on the way to permanent gout recovery. So, it’s important, but we can wait until next week.

        However, if you have more questions about your gout during the weekend, please ask them. Because the only dumb gout question is the one you didn’t ask! ๐Ÿ™‚

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        Hi Brian!

        If you’ve not already been taking an anti-inflammatory drug (the ibuprofen type) for your ankles, do ask your doctor about that.
        That won’t cure you and it’s not a type of drug you should take for too long but it’s the simplest thing you can do to stop swelling and pain.
        I recommend you ask specifically about the maximum dose you could take if you were hurting real bad. Just in case.

        I also recommend you quit alcohol for a while, especially if you’re going to try unfamiliar drugs or stronger doses than you’re used to.

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      Keith Taylor
      GC Gout Care Ingredients from

      GC Gout Care Ingredients from

      Yucca Schidegera
      Turmeric (Curcumin)
      Certified Silymarin Extract
      Artichoke Powder (Cynara Scolymus)
      Aged Garlic (Allium Sativum)

      What have these ingredients got to do with gout?

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