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      Keith Taylor

      For no other reason than to make me feel good, I’m collecting testimonials here.

      Let me be clear. I’m not asking for them. I’m simply using this topic to post some kind words that I receive. So, it’s my totally selfish topic that will do absolutely nothing to help your gout.

      I recommend you check out other discussions and gout facts. So, why not use the GoutPal search box to find something more relevant to you? There’s a search box top-right of every GoutPal page. Then, you can start a discussion about your gout.

      GoutPal Testimonials photo

      What do you think of GoutPal Gout Support Services?

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      Samuel Taylor

      [Feedback from Purine Rich Foods To Avoid With Gout]

      Your presentation was clear and offered guidelines that were readily understood and should be helpful in making food choices.
      THANK YOU!
      Sam Taylor

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      Abu Saad Shahzad Ali

      Crystal in spine and hip

      Goutpal is a great site for uric acid issue.
      The doctor are still sleeping when it comes uric acid and our health.
      They just want to push drugs. Trained at the wishes of the drug companies!!!
      Thank you very much.

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      Julie Redderson

      Thank You for Is Very Low Purine Gout Diet Possible

      I have just come off of a month long gout flare up. So painful at one point that I was having to crawl to the bathroom on those mornings.

      I had thought I had gotten my triggers under control and was at a loss as to the cause. Thinking I had missed something, I went searching again only to find out I was not eating enough to prevent my losing weight. So it seems I was doing more damage than I was preventing. Weight loss is not a bad thing, I have always been heavy and thought weighing less was a good thing. Boy did that come back to bite me.

      Reading this article was an eye opener to say the least. So my thanks to you.

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      Well Done (feedback from Uric Acid, Pain & Diclofenac).

      This website contains factual unbiased analysis and is a pleasure to read and learn from. I especially appreciate how well you have reduced the pain driven emotional bias that often creeps into the opinions of gout patients.

      Going through a multi-joint flare up currently but this site provides a calming influence that markedly reduces the psychological agitation.

      Good job!

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      Keith Taylor

      From My experience – your advice please:

      Hey Keith,

      Thanks for your supportive words it’s much appreciated.

      Will check back and update once I get the meds underway and monitor UA levels.

      This site has been a great help so just wanted to say thanks for your efforts.

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      Keith Taylor

      From Cindy, High Uric Acid with high blood sugar:

      Thank you Keith for your good heart & hard work in keeping the website! Truly I’ve learned a lot in treating my husband’s high uric acid & the non-stop gout flares since Oct. last year. We are happier now because we know at least this illness can be “managed”.

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      d q

      Hello Keith,

      I’m not too sure if you’d like to convert this into a compliments thread but I think I speak for more then just myself here.

      In any case I would like to share my utmost gratitude for all the help you have provided me in the forums. The education, the advice, the encouragement and the friendly way in which you delivered it all.

      I think your doing a fantastic job helping the many many gout suffers, researchers and health care workers that visit this site daily.

      Keep up the great work 🙂

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        Keith Taylor

        Wow! Thanks, d_q 😀

        Your kind thoughts are exactly the reward I crave for running GoutPal. That’s not to say that I constantly crave praise. But, it’s very satisfying to know that I’m helping gout sufferers.

        However, I must return the compliment, and praise your bravery on behalf of thousands of gout sufferers that you help every day. Because, your questions help in two ways:
        1. You step up and ask questions that thousands of gout sufferers want to know the answer to. But, most people are scared of asking questions in forums. Also, quite rightly, they want to keep their medical situation private. Then, they see you’ve braved the barriers, and got the information they also need.

        2. Your questions often make me think about ways I can make my information better. Sometimes, this is new gout information that I need to publish. Often, it is improvements to current information. Either way, you prompt me to improve GoutPal.

        Ultimately, I think it would get tedious if we all spent every day praising and congratulating each other. But an occasional ‘thank you’ reminds us all we are doing something worthwhile.

        So thanks again d_q, and thanks to everyone who makes time to post to the gout forums.

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      Feedback Form

      Thank You soo much for all the info
      I really appreciate all your research

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      Gout Forum Feedback

      I am a gout patient and this is the first time I have read your articles. While reading through I was telling myself ‘jeez. this doctor really knows what he is talking about, because I had experienced them’. And then I saw your personal information that you’re not a doctor but a sufferer too. Only people like you and me who have experienced gout attacks will really know the pain and disadvantages. Sad to say, doctors do not really know about it and do a lot of guess work!!

      I always have my gout in my left ankle and it started back in 2010. The doctor always gave me an injection for pain relief and nothing else. I always have 2 to 3 attacks in a year.

      I asked a friend who also has gout if there was an alternative to injection and he recommended Diclofenac 100mg because he takes it too. So whenever I can feel the first small sign of tingling or discomfort on my ankle I took a diclofenac and it would go away.

      My gout had started with red meat and I stopped eating red meat and only ate chicken as advised by the doctor. When sometimes that strong urge comes in to eat red meat like beef steak, lamb barbecue, liver curry etc, I went ahead and nothing happens! My wife always get so angry when she learns that I had beef steak in town. I always tell her I want to enjoy life and we only live once….and don’t worry diclofenac is on stand-by…ha..ha…!!

      In 2016 I was prescribed Allopurinol 100mg tablets by the doctor. After a few months another doctor cancelled Allopurinol and prescribed Colchicine. Last year 2017, another doctor said Colchicine is dangerous and told me to go back to Allopurinol. I told my wife I have been treated like a guinea pig.

      Last month, I had an attack after eating chicken soup, and I was puzzled. I agree with you to say that it is different for every sufferer. I am taking allopurinol 100mg as directed by the doctor.

      You are really true about moderation in meat intake and lots of vegetables. You sir have really enlightened me about gout and the best treatment for it. Thank you so much for sharing with us and the invaluable advice.

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      I have had gout for almost 15 years. Soon after that, I somehow discovered your website. I am very grateful for the information you posted. It has served me well and I have not had a serious flare-up since the initial one.

      Medically, I have used Allopurinol since a few weeks after I was diagnosed. I am also careful to avoid foods that are known to aggravate gout.

      Thanks for your help through the years!

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        Keith Taylor

        Thank you very much for your kind words, Carol.

        I’m really pleased that you no longer suffer from gout. It sounds that, like me, you are enjoying the benefits of daily allopurinol. But I hope you still get uric acid blood tests to make sure you stay gout-free.

        Personally, I think once a year is a good interval. Which I organize around my annual check-up for cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. In fact, I thank you once again. Because you’ve reminded me to put a note on my calendar to arrange my annual health check.

        I’m really pleased that my GoutPal information has helped you. And I hope you’ll enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

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