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      GoutPal HelpDesk

      Little bits from the GoutPal feedback form.

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      info feedback on GoutPal’s Gout Blog.

      is gout cureable .

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        Keith Taylor

        Yes, for some.
        No, for most.

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      Pattie Rainwater

      Gout (feedback on old forum).

      I want as much information on gout as I can get.

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      Stephen Price

      Long term gout pain/problems from Foods High in Uric Acid.

      Looking for the balanced diet solution.

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      Keith Taylor

      I’ve written about the balanced gout diet solution. And, the balanced gout food solution.

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      Darlene pellerin

      Extra symptoms pain around heart muscle

      So does gout when diagnosed one of the symptoms is when I cough or take a deep breath it hurts,

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        Keith Taylor

        See a doctor, Darlene.


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      Keith Taylor

      I’ve got quite a lot of gout shorts to catch up with, in the Helpdesk. But, I would rather split them into different topics for each gout group, if I can.

      So, I will just use this topic for short gout questions that do not give enough information to decide the best gout group.

      I welcome all gout questions, and feedback about GoutPal. But, if you do not give me information about yourself, I cannot give you good answers. Gout management has to be personal. There is no single treatment that suits every gout sufferer.

      So, please give your questions, and comments, enough personal information to allow me to answer you properly.

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      painful gout

      Can I take zapain with colchicine if not what painkiller can I take safely with colchicine.

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      Susanna Fisher

      New to gout

      I was just diagnosed with gout recently. I am searching for information and support.

      Thank you

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      My father has got gout in his hands and feet .

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      GoutPal Seeker

      I got gout 8 weeks ago and have had 4 flare ups. I can’t seem to lower my uric acid levels. My average levels are between 7.6-8.8 mg/dL.

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        Keith Taylor

        Hi Joe ( @joe-montorio-2 )

        When you say “I canโ€™t seem to lower my uric acid levels”, what have you tried? โ“

        Your wording suggests a random approach. But effective gout control needs a proper plan. In your case, I think your first decision is the type of uric acid lowering therapy you prefer. So, do you prefer drugs, herbs, or diet? You can mix and match from all 3 types if you wish. But, most gout sufferers have a preference.

        To begin with, I suggest you take a look at GoutPal Plan for Gout Seekers. Then, start a plan, or I can help you start one.

        Let’s control your gout before it gets more serious.

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      Jean Bowman

      How do I deal with gout

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        Keith Taylor

        You get a uric acid test. Then arrange with your doctor how to make that safe. But it takes 6 months or more to get uric acid safe. So also arrange preventative and reactive pain relief for that time.

        I can help you every step of the way. So let’s get started. Tell me what your doctor says.

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      Carl Jackaman

      New gout sufferer with a possible quick fix

      I have had two attacks by my big toe and I think I had a knee attack after overexercising with my cycling.
      so had a blood test, came back raised uric acid levels. still to speak to Dr about that.

      anyway to the point.

      when I had early attacks on my toe I found a smoothie that helped.

      Pure cherry juice (the expensive but!)

      Blend up… drink loads… gout goes…simple

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