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Found the Gout Flare offender – Lager

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      068694 .

      The following might be of some interest to gout sufferers.

      I had suffered from severe gout attacks for many years in different parts of the world, always ending up in hospital and a wheelchair. I was already on a small dose of Allopurinol. So doctor raised the dose to 300 mg, but the problem persisted. Tried all the remedies i.e. cherry juice, no red meat or shellfish. But still the gout reared its ugly head.

      Was it the long haul flights was the question?

      So tried a two hour flight and still another six days confined to hotel. Was talking to a lady at the hotel, and she had a daughter who worked for a lager brewery and mentioned additives that went into the beer. Now everywhere we had been in the world the national beer was always lager, which I would partake in small quantities, but never at home. So another short haul flight and no lager and no gout for the first time in years.

      I still in small quantities drink beer or a gin and tonic, but never lager. I eat red meat and shell fish in moderation and for two years no gout attacks.

      Lager was the culprit, but it took a long time to ascertain that was my enemy. Hope this helps other sufferers.

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      Keith Taylor

      Very interesting – thanks 068694

      Personally, I think I found the offender at sentence 4. But that’s only based on what I’ve read in this post. I probably don’t have all the relevant information.

      The reason I say this is that your first 3 sentences explain about gout and allopurinol. So I was expecting some insight into your uric acid levels. But not a number in sight!

      The whole point of taking allopurinol is to reduce uric acid to safe levels. Then it takes a few months for old uric acid crystals to dissolve. But after that, there’s no need to worry about gin, lager, or any other individual drinks or food. Except you want to maintain a reasonable diet to prevent other diseases.

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