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Clams, anchovies and other tiny critters for gout

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      Gout Foodie

      Hi Keith,

      When I was diagnosed with gout this winter I did a full reset. In addition to allopurinol I just gave up all meat and fish and became (95%) vegetarian. I’ve had a bit of chicken and fish on a few occasions. This forum helped me understand why it took so long to get better.

      Now pain-free for six months! I’m due for a blood test.

      Oddly i am not missing meat. I am missing clams in pasta and anchovies in Caesar Salad.

      To me it seems these little guys pack a flavor punch that belies their size. Even though they are foods generally considered high in purines…. AN anchovy? Half a 3oz can of clams?? How bad can tiny amounts if these be?

      I did survive a half a crab.

      I’m pretty sure I know it’s ok but I do not want to risk even one more moment of gout pain.

      What do you think?

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      Keith Taylor

      I think you are very wise, Rhys.

      Purines are relevant to gout. But, everything has to be put into context. In your case, it’s your 95% vegetarian eating style. I love that phrase as an alternative to Mediterranean diet. I’m going to use it when I describe a sensible approach to healthy eating.

      Purines in the context of healthy eating are never very significant. We can never avoid purines completely until we become skeletons. Human flesh is the biggest source of purines, unless we have a truly unhealthy carnivore diet.

      So, as you say, “How bad can tiny amounts if these be?”

      The answer is, not very bad at all. Certainly not worth worrying about.

      One important consideration is that purine foods rarely trigger a gout attack. Gout attacks come from the millions of crystals that have built up over months and years. Managing that comes down to keeping uric acid at safe levels. That means, getting uric acid blood tests at least once a year.

      Until we get rid of most of the old uric acid crystals, we always risk a gout attack. There are lots of things that can trigger a reaction to those old crystals. I don’t think a few seafood purines are going to make much difference. You could negate their effects completely with a glass of milk with your meal.

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        Milk and purines

        Is it known that if you eat food with purines, like a Ground Chuck Burger a glass of milk with it will neutralize the effects of purines?

        I cut myself off of all red meat and I’m not getting used to Turkey Burgers!!

        Bob via GoutPal’s Gout Support Helpdesk

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        Keith Taylor

        Sorry for the delay in responding, Bob. Sometimes I miss things.

        Is anyone else thinking I’ve forgotten to respond to a post? The best thing to do is to add another reply here in the forum. That way, I’ll see it during my daily review of new topics and replies. It is best to add some more useful information about you and your gout. The more information I have, the better I can respond.

        In your case, Bob, I can’t really answer you, as I have virtually no information. The advice I gave to Rhys was very specific to him, based on the information he gave me about his current healthy diet, and his uric acid levels.

        If you’re living on burgers, then you will never control your gout.

        I suggest you start a new topic, Bob. Include information about your gout symptoms, and your uric acid levels. If you want advice about diet, I need a lot more information about what you currently eat. Also tell me about things you want to eat, but feel that you cannot.

        And for a shorter answer:
        No! A glass of milk will not neutralize the purines in a ground chuck burger. It is possible to make burgers that will fit into a gout diet as a monthly treat. We’re a long way from that. And turkey burgers, unless they are part of a well-balanced gout diet, are almost as bad as beef.

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