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Can gout be healed without meds

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      Jonathan Buehler

      I have gout. It really sucks and has gotten progressively worse over the years. It started when I was 23 and now I’m 35. I have always rejected the idea of being in long term medication but I’m coming to a cross roads where I need to do something or I will be severely limited in what I can do in life.

      My question is can gout be healed without meds and eating a healthy diet? I’m not really over weight but I could lose a few pounds, clean up my diet, quit drinking alcohol completely, and get series about daily exercise but would it heal the condition? Why do I have gout? I have always felt like doctors can’t or don’t care to answer this question. Anyways, I really want to focus on conquering this awful condition that is robbing me of experience and causing me constant pain. My gout used to be an acute flare two to three times per year but I feel like it developed into an arthritic pain now and walking around barefoot for a day will cause me great pain. It’s ridiculous.

      At this point, I’m willing to try long term meds in an effort to save my joints. I am fearful of the side effects of long term medication, but at this point, I’m more afraid of not being able to walk at 60 years old.

      Choose your gout treatment plan using drugs, herbs, or diet.

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      There is no one-size-fits-all answer. But your main concern shouldn’t be whether you could do without a med but what the consequences of trying to do without a med 12 years too late would be. In all likelihood, getting rid of gout will be a slow process now that you’ve allowed it to get that bad, and doing it without meds (if at all possible in your case) would at best be slower, more painful and more likely to leave you with incurable damage.
      So I recommend you get on meds ASAP, but to do it carefully. Go through a doctor who actually understands the issues and follows the guidelines, not a arrogant know-it-all who has no time for precautions.

      Quit alcohol anyways. Besides it own side-effects, it may make the side effects of gout meds worse. You might also end up take a different dose off the dose than you’d have needed on the booze.

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