Allopurinol Lowers Blood Glucose chart

Allopurinol and Raised Glucose

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      I have been on Allopurinol for about a month now. My glucose readings were never in the 200’s and now my fasting reading is always high. I am watching my diet and that doesn’t seem to matter. Anyone else have this problem?


      Nancy Sullivan

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      Keith Taylor

      Hi Nancy,

      My first thought is “What does your doctor say?”. Followed by, “have you forgotten something else that has changed?” and “why not post actual results with dates?”

      Also, you suggest that you are making diet changes. But is that structured in a healthy eating plan? Or random changes to see what happens?

      Anyway, I’m intrigued. Because allopurinol is associated with lower blood glucose. So you’ve left me with more questions than answers.

      Allopurinol and Diabetes
      Takir, Mumtaz, Osman Kostek, Abdullah Ozkok, Omer Celal Elcioglu, Ali Bakan, Aybala Erek, Hasan Huseyin Mutlu et al. “Lowering uric acid with allopurinol improves insulin resistance and systemic inflammation in asymptomatic hyperuricemia.” Journal of Investigative Medicine 63, no. 8 (2015): 924-929.

      Treatment with allopurinol led to a significant decrease in serum uric acid and was well tolerated without significant side effects. The striking finding was a robust improvement in fasting glucose […] In conclusion, allopurinol treatment of subjects with asymptomatic hyperuricemia resulted in a marked improvement in insulin resistance and systemic inflammation. Larger clinical trials are indicated to determine if lowering uric acid can help prevent type 2 diabetes.

      Allopurinol Lowers Blood Glucose chart

      Has allopurinol helped your diabetes?

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