Which Gout Treatments for Pain Control is part of the 4th step in your gout treatment plan.

Now, you choose the specific treatments that you will use to control gout pain.

In Step 2, you decided that Acute Gout Treatment is most important to you, at the moment. In the previous step, you chose Medical or Natural Gout Treatment. If you haven’t made those choices yet, please go back to Starting Gout Treatment Guidelines.

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Gout Pain Control Treatments.

In this step, we first need to decide if we want gout treatments for pain control to be preventative, or as required.

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This is step 4 of Personal Gout Treatment Guidelines 2016. Now I have replaced this single plan with several plans for different types of gout sufferers. So the nearest equivalent is GoutPal Plan for Gout Students. Where you learn about medical, herbal, or dietary uric acid treatment. Before deciding on one approach. Or your mixture of more than one approach.

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Gout Treatments for Pain Control: Preventative or As Required?

Preventative gout treatment is good for the first weeks or months of uric acid lowering treatment. If you are not actively trying to control uric acid, you should not take gout treatments for pain control on an everyday basis. Your doctor will advise you how long it is safe to take preventative gout pain medication.

If you prefer to take gout pain medication as required, there is one important point to be aware of. The quicker you act, the quicker your gout pain will resolve.

Which Gout Treatments for Pain Control?

The exact prescription, or herbal gout medicine ingredients will vary according to the severity of your pain. In your own gout treatment plan, your health adviser will recommend appropriate doses of your preferred medications. If you do not have a personal gout treatment plan with your health adviser, you can get one in my gout forum.

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Which Gout Treatments for Pain Control are strong enough for You?

Note, you will usually require a combination of up to three gout medications:

  1. Inflammation Blocking, e.g. colchicine
  2. Inflammation Reducing, e.g. naproxen
  3. Pain Blocking, e.g. Tylenol

Your health adviser should recommend a combination that is safe for your medical history and any other medications. You can also get help in the gout forum.

You have finished the pain control part of the fourth step in my Personal Gout Treatment Guidelines 2016 series. If you are also lowering uric acid, you should read Which Gout Treatments for Uric Acid Control next. Then, read Monitor Your Treatment of Gout. The full series is:

  1. Starting Gout Treatment Guidelines
  2. Chronic or Acute Gout Treatment?
  3. Medical or Natural Gout Treatment?
  4. a) Which Gout Treatments for Pain Control?
    b) Which Gout Treatments for Uric Acid Control?
  5. Monitor Your Treatment of Gout
  6. Successful Gout Treatment at Home
  7. Medication For Gout Aftercare

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TL;DR - Which Gout Treatments for Pain Control?

Gout Treatments for Pain Control summary
  1. Do you want gout pain control as required, or as a preventative?
  2. Make sure you get advice about strength of pain control required.
  3. Make sure you get the right combination to block inflammation spreading, reduce inflammation, and block residual pain.

If you need help improving your personal gout treatment plan, ask in GoutPal's Gout Forum.