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CLEAR Gout Pain Plan
CLEAR Gout Pain Plan

Be CLEAR about Stopping Gout Pain Introduction

When gout strikes, it's easy to panic. But you must think logically through the agony. Be prepared for your next flare. But what if you have no time to plan now? At least learn the 3 practical elements of how to stop gout pain.

Be CLEAR about Stopping Gout Pain Purpose

As with all GoutPal Plans, my purpose is to help you create your own gout management plan. In consultation with your professional health advisers. So I do not provide a 'recipe' for your gout pain control. Rather, I use 'recipes' that other gout sufferers have used as examples. Because that helps you understand how the 'ingredients' of good gout pain control works. Then, you can ask your doctor about the right 'ingredients' for you.

GoutPal's Clear Gout Pain Plan usually relies on drugs to stop gout pain as fast as possible. Sometimes before it starts. So it is mostly part of GoutPal's Gout Patient Plan. However, many gout sufferers who have chosen a different plan still rely on drugs for pain control. So this series of articles explaining how to stop gout pain is relevant to all gout sufferers. After all, one of the basic principles of GoutPal plans is that you mix and match template elements from any plan to create your own personal gout plan.

Be CLEAR about Stopping Gout Pain

Be CLEAR about Stopping Gout Pain is an overview of my series of articles explaining how to stop gout pain. Please note that I'm still working on some steps. So I'll add links to those soon. In the meantime, you can search for your concerns.

Clarify Gout Pain Goals

Isn't the goal obvious? Stop this gout flare as fast as possible!

Yes, but what about the next one? Because gout flares will continue until you get uric acid to a safe level. So your first decision is temporary pain relief or stop gout pain permanently.

What! I'm in agony, and you want a philosophical debate!!?!

OK, I'll excuse your rudeness while you try to cope with the pain. So let's move on and fix it. But I really hope you will come back to this once we deal with your current gout attack. Because the approach to pain control should be different if you are getting treatment to lower uric acid.

Liaise With Gout Pain Medics

Unbelievable! Now you want me to waste time with the quack that got me in this mess. Last time he gave me pills that made it worse. The time before, his pills made me sick and gave me the runs. Just tell me what I need from the drugstore!

Whoa! Let's take a step backwards. You have to control this gout pain plan. Your doctor is there to assist you. Also, there are other professional medical advisers who can help with gout pain relief that works quickly and efficiently. But there's no point in hoping that Over The Counter meds are going to fix your serious medical condition. So you have to learn how to ask for the right meds. In a way that keeps you safe as you recover from your gout attack.

End Uric Acid Crystal Reaction

I gotcha! I'll stop thinking OTC. But I've no idea what “end uric acid crystal reaction” means. Are you saying this is the end of my gout?

Well, it's certainly the beginning of the end. Gout pain is part of a complex process. I know that once we get this crisis out of the way, you'll come back to learn more. After all, knowledge of that process gives you the power to beat it.

First, be aware that uric acid crystals do not hurt you directly. But your immune system doesn't realize that. So white blood cells attack the crystals in suicide missions. As they die, they react by calling for reinforcements. Then chaos ensues and your brain sees only pain and panic. Colchicine ends that reaction. But it does nothing for existing inflammation.

No! No! No! Colchicine is what had me in the john all day.

OK, see colchicine as an optional, yet powerful, first practical step to stop gout pain. Or even prevent it. But that power of colchicine has to be handled carefully. So if you're not following the latest dosage guidance, it is best to avoid it and go straight to Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs).

Anti Inflammatory Gout Pain Relief

Second, be aware that gout inflammation can take a day or two to resolve itself. So you have ended the inflammation reaction. (Or decided that you'll let it end itself.) Now, you can take anti inflammatory drugs that reduce inflammation and it's pain. But they have to be prescription strength unless your gout flare is mild. Also, that prescription has to consider all other meds you are taking.

Residual Gout Pain

This sounds great! I'm feeling better already. So can't I stop now? Because I hate taking pills.

Definitely – many gout sufferers can stop gout pain with NSAIDs alone. Also, some doctors recommend steroid shots. But that's your personal choice. So you must understand all the factors that affect your choice. Which is why I emphasize your absolute need for professional medical advice.

I only include residual pain relief if it is needed. So again, that's another personal choice you should be discussing with your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc.

Be CLEAR about Stopping Gout Pain Summary

You've learned it might take up to 3 meds to block, reduce, and resolve gout pain. And to make the right choices, you need to clarify goals and consult professional help. That's the CLEAR way to stop gout pain.
CLEAR Gout Pain Plan
CLEAR Gout Pain Plan

Stop Your Gout Pain

Remember that every gout management plan has to be personal. So there is no single way to stop gout pain. Because you have to create your own plans that include your choices.

Note, some health professionals will help you create your plan. So, check if your physician has any treatment planning services. Or other forms of clinical support. If not, you should create your own plan. Then, you have a framework to get professional advice on choice of meds, dosage, etc.

If you need help with your stop gout pain plan, please contact me.

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