Introducing Black Bean Broth – A Natural Gout Remedy

Here is a natural remedy for gout that is quick and easy to make. Because black beans are rich in anthocyanins. Also, these natural anti-inflammatory substances are found in cherries, and many other dark berries. As well as several other legumes.

Black bean broth has become a common gout pain cure for many GoutPal readers. Since Metamorph kindly introduced it on the gout forum. So I present this simple recipe for a natural gout remedy.

Black Bean Broth Recipe For Gout Pain Relief

Black Bean Natural Remedy for Gout
Black Beans for Gout
There are 2 common forms of black bean – common or turtle beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) and soybeans (Glycine max (L.) Merr.). Both kinds of black bean are suitable for the broth.

The recipe is very simple. But involves a long slow boil process. So it is advisable to use a timer so you do not end up with a pan of burned beans.

  1. Rinse 200 grams (7 ounces) beans and remove any grit or other debris.
  2. Cover with 2 liters water and bring to the boil.
  3. Reduce heat, and simmer for 90 minutes.
  4. Strain the liquid, which is what you drink, and throw away the beans.
  5. Allow to cool, and gulp down about 1/2 liter of the broth.

Try the broth at the first sign of a gouty twinge. Or take daily as a preventative. Then, after you have tried it, please share your experiences in the gout forum. Also, the recipe contributor has the following story:

One day, at my working place I noticed a man limping painfully to his van. I couldn’t resist being a “nosey poker”, so I went to him and asked him what happened to his leg. He told me it was gout – one of his big toes was swelling badly and he had been suffering the excruciating pain for some time. He had to bear with the pain as he needed to work to make ends meet.

I told him about Black Bean broth and taught him how to prepare it. I was not too sure whether it would work for him but I thought it would be good for him to try it. He seemed glad about what I told him and said he would try it out.

Yesterday, after about 1 month, I happened to meet him again. When he saw me, he approached me and told happily that he took the BB broth, and after 3 gulps his toe pain was gone. “Now I can even play soccer again!”

2017 Natural Remedy For Gout Update

I have republished this Natural Remedy For Gout page as part of ongoing website maintenance. Because related science seems to confirm that black beans could help gout sufferers in different ways[1]. Also, that tests other legumes in comparison to black beans (Mung Beans, Adzuki Beans, and Rice Beans). Then, that leads to the wider issue of other “natural uric acid blocking” plants[2].

Therefore, I will reorganize this page, and related gout home remedies, in the Gout Treatment Help Section. Because I need to present them as part of structured plans for Gout Dieters. But, for Gout Patients who seek pharmaceutical relief, please see the Gout Pain Relief guidelines.

Natural Remedy For Gout References

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  2. Wu, Sue?Jing, Lean?Teik Ng, and Chun?Ching Lin. “Antioxidant activities of some common ingredients of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Angelica Sinensis, Lycium barbarum and Poria cocos.” Phytotherapy Research 18, no. 12 (2004): 1008-1012. Natural Uric Acid Blocking from TCM Plants PDF.

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