When gout first strikes, many sufferers get fooled into believing their agony came from “forbidden foods”. So we see common food anxieties expressed in questions like “Is Crawfish Bad for Gout“.

But gout is usually hereditary[1]. Although, as with many diseases, bad diet can make gout worse. So it is important that you learn how to manage crawfish in your diet.

Note: Crawfish are also called crayfish. So everything you read here about crawfish also applies to crayfish.

Crawfish for Gout Sufferers

First, let’s look at what crawfish is/are. Now, I’m not concerned with biological or culinary properties. Just how to consider crawfish in terms that are most useful to gout sufferers.

So my research finds no direct link between crawfish and gout. But this is common in gout diet research. Because most foods are not investigated for gout links. Complain to the research community if you must. But also learn how to approach food when there is little relevant science to rely on.

Most importantly, crawfish is one of many protein foods. So for gout diet purposes, you should manage crawfish alongside other fish in your Seafood Protein Foods Group. If you don’t have these basic diet management routines in place, focus on the Gout & Crawfish section below.

Even without basic diet management, many gout sufferers consider purines. But I believe that is pointless without a Gout Foundation Diet that meets national dietary minimum standards. So for serious gout diet management you need:

  • Acceptable eating patterns
  • Regular uric acid monitoring (blood levels and excretion rates)

If you have both those in place, focus on the Crawfish, Protein, Purines & Uric Acid section below.

Gout & Crawfish

Crawfish is part of your diet. So put gout aside for a minute. Then start to think of your entire diet.

In this section I look at Gout Foundation Diet principles. Then how crawfish consumption fits with those principles and your food preferences.

I will add a link to my gout & crawfish article here.

Crawfish, Protein, Purines & Uric Acid

In this section I look at purine content of crawfish. Also, other properties of crawfish that affect uric acid levels. Including protein consumption, and indirect links to pink seafood and uric acid.

I will add a link to my crawfish & uric acid article here.

Is Crawfish Good for Gout?
Is Crawfish Good for Gout? (click for details)

Is Crawfish Bad for Your Gout?

You have learned that you can choose between a Gout Foundation Diet. Or a Uric Acid Diet. Then you can manage crawfish consumption in a way that supports your overall gout management plan.

Your best next step depends on how your doctor views your current diet. Are your eating patterns considered to be good by health professionals? Yes or no…

Yes: Manage Crawfish in a Uric Acid Diet

Yes, you already manage your diet to meet national standards. So you might consider managing your crawfish consumption within a GoutPal Plan for Gout Dieters. Therefore, see if your doctor provides any help with uric acid dieting. Or if you might benefit from referral to a dietitian.

No: Manage Crawfish in a Gout Foundation Diet

No, your diet does not currently meet national standards (or you don’t know). So you need to establish healthy eating patterns before you can assess your ideal crawfish consumption. So consider starting a GoutPal Plan for Gout Foodies. Then see if your doctor provides any help with national dietary guidelines. Or if you need to change doctor.

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Leave Is Crawfish Bad for Gout to consider which type of gout sufferer you are.

Crawfish Bad for Gout References

  1. Merriman, Tony R., and Nicola Dalbeth. “The genetic basis of hyperuricaemia and gout.” Joint Bone Spine 78, no. 1 (2011): 35-40.

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