Gouty Tophi After Surgical Removal Photo

This photograph of gouty tophi after surgical removal is bad enough in it’s own right. It is horrifying to think that lumps of uric acid crystals an inch in size might be lodged anywhere in our bodies. This photograph is particularly horrific when you realize it is tophi from a penis. Follow that link to see a review of the case study.

Whilst this location is rare, you should be aware that all organs are at risk from untreated excess uric acid, as are all joints. My tophi guidelines are full of different photographs of tophi in all parts of the body. You should be aware that, though tophi are normally accompanied by a history of gout flares, it is possible for tophi to grow painlessly. Painless tophi can spread through your body, causing destruction to joints, skin, or other organs. Because they spread without pain, they are often ignored, but they are in fact the worst gout symptom you can have.

If you lower uric acid to 5mg/dL as soon as you notice these lumps, whilst they are still quite soft, then you should be able to remove them without surgery. In time, they grow harder and more impervious, at which point they will only shrink slowly, if at all.

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