Gout, Bunion, or both X-rays

Gout, Bunion, or both X-rays is my featured image for Gout or Bunions.

Gout, Bunion, or both X-ray details

I combined two x-ray images to create this picture of gout and bunions. After searching for tophi or hallux valgus radiology I found the following gout investigations:

  1. On the left, Medscape’s “Can’t-Miss Radiographic Changes in Rheumatologic Disease” with a chronic gout sufferer showing signs of bunion.
  2. On the right, Plastic Surgery Key’s “Salvage of First Ray with Severe Hallux Valgus, Gout, and Osteomyelitis” with a severe bunion sufferer showing signs of gout.

1. Gout Sufferer with Bunion

Medscape describes this as:

Clinically, gout initially affects the first metatarsophalangeal joint of the foot. The tophus may lead to joint space destruction and a hallux valgus deformity (white arrow). The tophi must not be confused for a bunion. Extensive punched-out erosions are also found in the foot (red arrows).

2. Bunion Sufferer with Gout

Plastic Surgery Key describe this as:

Radiograph demonstrating sever hallux valgus with a medial gouty tophi.

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