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    Hi everyone – This is my first post. 

    I am a very active 75-year-old who just got gout for the first time 1 year ago and have had it about 11 times since then.  Am on colchine (1 per day) for the past 3 months and have had one more attack just recently on that. 

    I have Crohn's disease.  Does anyone know of any connection between the 2?  Dr. says there is none, but gout suffers seem to know more than the doctor.  Does diet help?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thanks very much and thanks for this wonderful site. 

    Joan Cop


    Hello Joan! Well you escaped gout for a long time – but it's never welcome at any age.

    I  found a few years back, well before gout arrived, that my sleep ,weight and digestion were all a bit 'off'.

    After reading it all up- I tried stopping  ordinary wheat and kept just to a small spelt loaf a week with the occasional lapse back to wholemeal. On a Hay or Leptin diet carbs take a back  seat anyway.

    Rye / Sourdough breads are  worth a try, if you like them.

    This strategy certainly helped, though it takes some months. It seems to have stopped diverticulitis from progreesing and many other pointers say modern wheat is not a good idea for some of us.

    Whether this is connected with the tendency to gout,I wouldn't know.

    I wouldn't be surprised as it's connected with body type,genetic disposition, blood type , lifestyle and much more.

    'Blood type 'O 'is not supposed to be good for a high carb diet- more for meat- but I'm mostly veggie, which doesn't help! Is that you, too?

    I bet, if I looked, I could find stuff on line linking the two, but direct experience is always worth a punt- as many subtleties get missed in heavy studies -or the plethora of ads online.

    Medics just don't focus on diets, though they always stress their importance -as they reach for the prescription pad! Wink

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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