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Gout Foodie image is the featured image for my Gout Foodies page. It is a support page, so most visitors don’t need to read it. Therefore, I suggest you return to GoutPal Plan for Gout Foodies. Because, that page will help you learn why “Which food is good for gout” isn’t the best question you asked.

Gout Foodie image Audience

As I said, there is no real intended audience for this support page. Maybe you reached this page as a gout sufferer who is obsessed with food. In that case, all you need to avoid is any food-like substance that is poisonous. Many processed food-like substances contain additives to extend shelf-life. Manufacturers and stores make more money. But, your body suffers, and you get gout. So, if you are a Gout Foodie, return to GoutPal Plan for Gout Foodies. But, if you do not know which type of gout sufferer you are, see Questions for Gout Sufferers.

Gout Foodie image Details

I thought the image of someone munching a mountain of food was extreme. But, it shows someone who obviously loves food. Yet, she eats without paying any attention. So, when you don’t pay attention to food, you eat the wrong things. Also, you often eat too much, and your diet gets out of balance.

Therefore, this image isn’t about gout. Because, it’s about bad eating habits. So, now’s the time to start eating healthy.

Get healthy balanced gout eating guidance. Start with GoutPal Plan for Gout Foodies.

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