I’ve just been asked if GoutClear will treat gout. This links with my Treating Gout Directory that I have just started, so I thought I would take a quick look.

GoutClear, often referred to as Gout Clear, is one of many herbal formulations for treating gout. I should say from the outset, that I have little faith in most of this type of gout product. However, I know that they are popular, so I will give a brief review here. I’m actually more interested in the ingredients, so I will check the science, and add each ingredient to the Treating Gout Directory if it is warranted.

It is good to see ingredients listed, and the GoutClear website also includes some references back to scientific studies. I’m going to check those out, and look for more, though it does emphasize the biggest problem with this type of gout remedy. How can you know what dose is correct? More importantly, how can you know an effective dose is safe?

You have to draw your own conclusions about safety and efficacy of herbal compared to pharmaceutical gout medicines. For my part I say, I wouldn’t recommend GoutClear, but if you are going to buy it anyway, I urge you to buy it through my link below. That gives a few cents to GoutPal for keeping gout support free.

So why wouldn’t I buy it?

First the ingredients:

Tart Cherry Extract
See Cherry Juice For Gout.
Not reviewed on GoutPal, yet.
Not reviewed on GoutPal, yet.
Yucca Herb Stock Leaf
Not reviewed on GoutPal, yet.
Milk Thistle
Not reviewed on GoutPal, yet.
Turmeric Root (curcuma longa)
In Spice Up Your Gout With Turmeric
Dandelion Extract
Not reviewed on GoutPal, yet.
In Gout Natural Remedies

Apart from the issue of ingredients, I’m not convinced by whoever is running the GoutClear website. It is profusely decorated with pictures of doctors and references to doctors who have formulated GoutClear. Unfortunately, it is not clear to me. The only clue who runs the website is a telephone number. I haven’t tried ringing it, nor have I checked the credentials of the doctors who are presented as formulating GoutClear.
Most worrying about the GoutClear website is that my check of the public website ownership records shows that the real owners are hiding behind a proxy. Why would you do that when you are taking gout sufferer’s money?

If you do decide to try GoutClear, please remember that the only way to stop gout returning is to get uric acid down to 5mg/dL or below. GoutClear claims to lower uric acid, but you must check that it does actually reduce it to a safe level. Dropping from 8 or 9 down to 7 or 9 is simply not good enough. See Uric Acid Levels Chart for more details about getting uric acid levels safe.

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