Harvard 6-Week Healthy Eating Plan helps you understand gout food pyramids.

Harvard 6-Week Healthy Eating Plan is a comprehensive introduction to a good Gout Foundation Diet. I refer to this book in Gout Food Pyramids for GoutPal Dieters.

In particular, this book should help you create a good gout foundation diet. Because you need a healthy diet to build on. So that any gout foods you choose will contribute to a healthy gout diet.

Harvard 6-Week Healthy Eating Plan Book

Generally, I find this booklet useful as it includes lots of tips about healthy eating, in an easy-to-follow way. While the information is available on other blogs, including Harvard’s own website, I found it convenient to have all the information in one place.

Anyway, if you want specific advice on how Harvard’s healthy eating plan can help your gout, simply ask in the gout forum. As well as any other aspect of your gout, I can help you apply Harvard healthy eating principles to your gout.

Harvard 6-Week Healthy Eating Plan Contents

What is healthy eating?

  • Practical advice for healthy eating.
  • Harvard’s Healthy Eating Pyramid.
  • New Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  • Tools for weight control as part of healthy eating.
  • How much to eat?

Week 1: Getting started on the six-week plan

  • Why keep a food diary?
  • Shopping trip tips.
  • Reading labels for healthy eating
  • The “Clean-slate Club”.
  • Setting goals for healthy eating success.

Week 2: Build a better breakfast

  • The healthy breakfast plate.
  • Setting goals for breakfast success.
  • Smart starts.
  • Make a morning exercise appointment.
  • Curb coffee-drink calories.

Week 3: Healthy up your lunch

  • The healthy lunch plate.
  • Setting goals for lunch success.
  • What’s for lunch?
  • Lunchtime strategies.

Week 4: Make dinner a winner

  • The healthy dinner plate.
  • Sneaky ways to get in more fruits and vegetables.
  • Healthy up supermarket entrées.
  • Outwit your appetite.

Week 5: Make sense of snacks

  • Setting goals for snacking success.
  • Smart snacks.

Week 6: Keep it going

  • Taking stock.
  • Keep up the good work.

Cooking kickoff

  • Recipes for success.
  • Resources.
  • Glossary

Please tell me which is your favorite Gout Foundation Diet.

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