9 Golden Rules of Gout Management explains key concepts of gout management. Because these are the rules that make gout treatment successful. Specifically, I’m seeking your opinions about gout rules now. So that I can ensure you get the best advice to control your gout.

9 Golden Rules of Gout Management Audience

I wrote 9 Golden Rules of Gout Management for anyone who has the slightest interest in gout. So, you might be a gout sufferer, a gout carer, or have an academic interest in gout. To put it bluntly, if you don’t know these rules, you don’t know gout.

Introducing 9 Golden Rules of Gout Management

Recently, I discussed Gout Gamechangers in our gout forum. To explain, that was my name for important facts about gout. Because, once I understood certain key facts, they changed the way I thought about managing gout. Then, I realized that every gout sufferer needs to know these facts. So, I’ve introduced a project to explain these facts and make sure they are up-to-date from current gout research.

In fact, I believe these are more than game-changers. Because they represent important rules that you, and your healthcare providers, must follow. Of course, there is always an extra rule in any list of rules. So, you might also consider when you can break the rules. But, you can never do that, unless you understand the rules, and the consequences of breaking them.

In any case, I need to explain the golden rules of gout to you. So, I’m thinking of training courses and other ways I can help you understand these fundamental concepts of gout management. Next, I will improve the visibility of gout rules throughout GoutPal. But to start, I’ll list the rules. Then, you can tell me which gout rules are important to you.

List of 9 Golden Rules of Gout Management

I’ve listed 9 Golden Rules of Gout Management here. But, they are in no particular order. Because different rules are important at different stages of gout management. So, you need to understand them all.

Never delay uric acid control

Current gout research debunks the idea that uric acid lowering should not start during a gout flare. However, it does emphasize that adequate gout pain control is required. Also, there are individual cases where it might be wise to delay uric acid lowering until the gout flare resolves. The game changed for me, when I wrote Start Allopurinol Quickly, But Carefully. So, that’s still an important rule. But, I will update it with at least 2 more recent investigations.

Uric acid crystals are not sharp

In life, we avoid encounters with sharp objects. Because we know that knives and needles can cause tissue damage. But, uric acid crystals are microscopic. So, they cannot cut you, as some authorities suggest. Consequently, people who think the shape of uric acid crystals is important, remain unaware of the real dangers. Also, this leads to a misunderstanding of how gout pain control works. Therefore, my game changed around 10 years ago, when I first developed the ideas in Uric Acid Causes Gout Pain. My U-D-R-P concept remains valid. Although, I believe I need to update it to reflect newer rules. Also, it’s searchable within GoutPal. But, in the wider world, my acronym cannot compete with Internet issues. Therefore, I might have to think of a replacement for U-D-R-P.

Normal uric acid is dangerously misleading

On lab results, normal means average. But, around 6% of average people get gout. So, medically, normal uric acid is meaningless. Unfortunately, many doctors accept average as OK. Then, normal uric acid becomes dangerous. Because, it leads to bad gout diagnosis and poor uric acid treatment. Also, it causes me to rant about the stupidity of it! Therefore, read Normal Uric Acid Blood Test? No Thanks! Then, kill anyone who treats normal uric acid as acceptable. Or, at least protect our gene pool, and render them incapable of reproducing.

Uric acid lowering might trigger gout attacks

Each day of untreated excess uric acid increases the burden of uric acid crystals in your body. Also, because you now understand U-D-R-P, you know that old uric acid crystals are hidden throughout your body. So, you also need to know that old uric acid crystals can trigger gout attacks when they are partially dissolved. But, if you understand the process, it’s easy to minimize the time you are at risk from gout flares. Therefore, start with Allopurinol Medication: Why It Hurts To Get Rid Of Gout. Then, encourage me to explain why so many Gout Victims have their quality of life destroyed by failing to recognize this most golden of gout rules.

Uric acid crystals destroy tissue repair cells

Again, because you know U-D-R-P, this rule makes sense. Because it’s not only the immune system white warriors that die fighting uric acid crystals. It’s also the specialist white blood cells that should be repairing your bones, tendons, and other tissues. So, read Gout Crystals & Tendons Investigation.

DECT will rule future gout treatment

Modern medicine has a true gout savior in DECT for gout. Because it will revolutionize gout diagnosis and treatment. But, it’s currently difficult to find. However, the findings are already changing how we perceive gout. Also, at least one professional rheumatology organization has changed its recommendations to promote more DECT for gout. So, use the search box near the top of every gout page. Then, read the results of your DECT for Gout search. Unfortunately, you will probably yearn for the day when gout management becomes as easy as a visit to the optician. But, the technology has revealed principles that we can apply to gout management today. So, you do not need to wait until you have access to DECT for gout. Because, you can apply principles of better gout management, even if you cannot easily measure the outcomes.

Uric acid crystals don’t trigger gout attacks

Scientists are still trying to fully explain this. Because nobody quite knows why it happens. But, uric acid crystals only create a foundation for gout attacks. So, we need other factors to allow gout flares to happen. The suspects are Free Fatty Acids (FFAs), which coincidently are prevalent in many high purine foods. Therefore, we’ve been fooled into overestimating the importance of purines. Unfortunately, we need more research to fully explain this. Therefore, I will continue to monitor this, and build on the explanations you will find when you search for Free Fatty Acids.

Gout management must be individual

The latest American rheumatologist recommendations stress the importance of individual management plans for gout sufferers. Also, this is reinforced by many studies that prove you need a Gout Mentor. So, if your doctor does not provide that service, you’ll have to get it from me. Therefore, start a personal gout diary, as your first step to individual gout management plans.

Gout is a killer disease

It’s amazing what you find when you look for it. Because nobody used to consider gout as a fatal disease. So, autopsies never looked for it. But, after reading Is Fatal Gout Killing You, perhaps we’ll see an end to medics treating gout as a joke?

9 Golden Rules of Gout Management Summary

You can see that many GoutPal Rules are based on state-of-the-art gout research. So, in many cases, your healthcare providers and Gout Mentors might not be aware that the game has changed. Therefore, I will ensure that each rule has clear evidence to support it. Then, you can share those resources with your doctor, or whoever else can work with you to get better gout treatment.

9 Golden Rules of Gout Management + bonus
Which rules would you carve into rock?

What are your Golden Rules of Gout?

I’ve explained what I’m doing to make gout rules clearer for all gout sufferers. Now, it’s over to you. Please let me know what you think about gout rules in the gout forum.

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