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    thanks again everyone for the answers!!

    @VegetarianGuy and @trev: Actually I've started going to the Gym first (wanting to loose some weight) and then a friend of mine told me to go and get a blood test just to know how my numbers are, and then i got  the surprise of the UA level. actually not so much of a surprise because, my father had the same problem and since i was a child my mother used to take me to get blood test every couple of month..

    but yeah, the main reason is to stay healthy, loose some weight, and if possible avoid the Gout..

    @sip2play: yes, aluron its the medicine that contain allopurinol in venezuela, its have 100mg of allopurinol, and I started taken it after the test, when I showed the result to my doctor, he gave me a treatment with that medicine..

    I take it every 12 hours, for a month and then I have to go and get another test..

    my LDL cholesterol is normal (actually everything else in the blood test is normal) and for the HDL cholesterol and the triglycerides am taking another medicine..


    thanks for the answer! Smile..

    so bottom line, I have high posibilities of having Gout because of the hereditary predisposition and cant do anything about it? diet and exercises can only lower the impact and make it come a bit latter?

    well that just sucks Yell (sorry for the expression)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)