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    Thanks for all the replies.

    I went with 2 colchicine in the morning and one every two hours for that day. Diarreha started after 6th or 7th pill but I finished off the day. 9 pills in total. Pain reduced noticibly to the point where it was still intense but a bit dull – Not as sharp and torturous as the previous 2 days only taking Advils. Diarreha lasted the the entire next day.

    The pain has steadily decreased the last coupe of days just taking Advil but the nights are really bad.

    Tonight is worse again and it's effecting my knee as well.

    I've been two days without taking colchicine (just advil gel caps and A LOT of hot water soaks) so if I'm not feeling any better tomorrow – I'll start the colchicine regiment again Friday.

    I really hope the Allopurinol does what it's supposed to do because I'm definitely going to stick it out.

    GoutPal – thanks for the recommendation, I will get into the doctor to get a uric acid level check as soon as I can walk properly.

    I'm sort of glad that he started me on 300mg daily as opposed to building up – Optimistically speaking I assume it means I'll get rid of the crystal menace sooner rather than later.

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    thanks very much – I'll keep at it. Fingers crossed.

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    I'm experiencing the same symptoms. I just posted a similar question hoping others may have some advice.

    I'm expereincing what feels like mild heartburn and, similar to you, what feels like a slight blockage in my throat. The irritating part is that it's constant. It's been there for three days now accompanied my mild belching.

    Did yours go away?

    How has the Allopurinol worked for you?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)