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    I am on Allopurinol 300 mg for almost 3 weeks now( overall 2 and half months on Allopurinol). I had my own plate of side effects as the body adjusted to the Allop.

    I am experiencing few things which are bothering me –

    1. A sensations of slight blockage in throat, which makes me clear the throat by coughing. It also feels like slight heavy breathing as if it were very minor Bronchitis.

    2. Feeling of extra gas in stomach, which tends to comeup ( similar to acid reflux but no reflux in reality, no acid…it is just feel of it). That also makes me feel the symptom 1  said above.

    3. At times, drowsiness after the medication. It does not  happen all the time but sometimes. That includes slght dizziness too.

    Is it possible that it is due to the dosage of 300 mg? I did not seem to have it when I was at dose of 200 mg.

    Did anyone else experince similar symptoms or am I getting paranoid on it?

    My current levels of SUA are very consistent – 3.9 to 4.1 before lunch and 3.4 to 3.6 in the evening before dinner. It is based on 4 days of testing.


    You are not paranoid but perhapps a bit hypervigilant.

    Any one of a hundred viruses could cause your symptoms.


    I'm experiencing the same symptoms. I just posted a similar question hoping others may have some advice.

    I'm expereincing what feels like mild heartburn and, similar to you, what feels like a slight blockage in my throat. The irritating part is that it's constant. It's been there for three days now accompanied my mild belching.

    Did yours go away?

    How has the Allopurinol worked for you?


    As this topic is a little old, please respond in al_pain's new topic Allopurinol, Headaches & Mild Heart Burn.

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