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GoutPal Gout Help Introduction

I started GoutPal to help me learn about my gout. Because I wanted to collect facts about the best ways to control uric acid. And avoid the misinformation from companies trying to sell fake cures.

Now, I've been free from the pain of gout for several years. But I made a few mistakes along the way. Also, I wasted some time as I tried to find "the best" way to end gout pain. Rather than taking swift action. So I want to help you find quick solutions to your gout problems.

I believe that the most important first step is to build a good relationship with a suitably qualified health professional. Then you can work together to create treatment plans that work for your unique circumstances. Because gout control has some principles that apply to everyone. But many of the details change from one sufferer to the next.

Gout Progression

To help you find information that is most relevant to you, I organize GoutPal using 7 phases of gout progression. So you should start with my introduction to Gout Progression Phases. Or go straight to the phase that seems most relevant to you today:

1. Gout Causes

1. Gout Causes New gout sufferers want to know what is causing their agony. But there are many causes of gout. So which apply to you? Read the list of gout causes. Browse the Gout Causes Phase.

2. Gout Symptoms

2. Gout Symptoms Each gout sufferer shows different symptoms. Maybe affecting the diagnosis and your shared decisions about treatment. So, do you know your gout symptoms? Browse the Gout Symptoms Phase.

3. Gout Pain Relief

3. Gout Pain Relief Gout recovery takes many months. So you must understand how to stop the agony. Learn about gout pain relief first. Browse the Gout Pain Relief Phase.

4. Uric Acid Test

4. Uric Acid Test Do you know your gout test results? Or which test you should take? Learn gout testing now. Because the right uric acid test can help you recover from gout. Browse the Uric Acid Test Phase.

5. Start Uric Acid Cure

5. Start Uric Acid Cure It can be a long journey to recover from gout. So the sooner you start, the quicker you're cured. Learn how to start your uric acid cure today. Browse the Start Uric Acid Cure Phase.

6. Adjust Uric Acid Cure

6. Adjust Uric Acid Cure Expect changes during your gout recovery journey. From planned dose adjustments for safe uric acid cure. Or different treatment options due to adverse effects. Browse the Adjust Uric Acid Cure Phase.

7. Maintain Uric Acid Cure

7. Maintain Uric Acid Cure Your gout recovery journey has ended. But you still need routine daily maintenance and annual tests. So stay on track to maintain your uric acid cure. Browse the Maintain Uric Acid Cure Phase.

GoutPal 2021

Currently, I am changing the platform for GoutPal. So you will see a mix of old and new styles. But gradually, I will republish old pages in the new style.

Earlier, GoutPal had the following sections:

  1. Gout Symptoms, Causes, & Diagnosis
  2. Gout Treatment, Cures, Remedies & Relief
  3. Gout Diet Including Food, Drink & Lifestyle
  4. Uric Acid Step By Step

But I am moving content from those sections to the Gout Progression Phases listed above. You can also find important gout and uric acid information on the following pages:

Latest Gout Blog

For the latest gouty arthritis facts, see the Gout and Uric Acid Blog.

2020 Gout Blog

For earlier gout news see GoutPal 2020 Blog.

2020 GoutPal Home Page

For the previous version of this page see 2020 home page.

This is the easiest way for you to answer any gout question. Just type your question or concern into the Google Gout Search Engine.

Your GoutPal

Throughout GoutPal, you will see highlights like this that provide extra information. And act as examples of how you can add your own notes to help you manage your gout recovery plan

I'm happy with my own gout control now. So I'm focused on making GoutPal the best place to help you. But to do that, I need your feedback.

Leave GoutPal Gout Help Home Page to browse the Gout and Uric Acid Blog.

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