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5 Types of Gout Causes
5 Types of Gout Causes

Are you asking, "Why me? What have I done to cause gout?"

Or are you the type of gout sufferer who thinks, "I don't care what caused my gout! I just want to stop it now."

As with all aspects of gout recovery, there is no right or wrong approach. But it is vital that you and your professional advisers agree how you will consider gout causes during your shared decision-making processes.

Gout Causes Introduction

There are too many causes of gout for a single article. So this is a hub page for gout causes articles. Which you can browse to find the specific causes that concern you most. However, it might not include every cause of gout that is relevant to you. So you should also use the Google Gout Search Engine to check for more articles relevant to your specific concerns.

Gout Causes Progression

Gout Causes is the first phase of gout progression. But you probably won't start here. Because most people never think about what causes gout until they get a diagnosis.

However, it is good to understand how gout is caused before you start uric acid treatment. Because some causes of gout will affect how you treat it. But there is no need to be too concerned about this. As the standard treatment for uric acid, allopurinol, is effective for most people irrespective of the cause. So that is why it's important that you and your doctor align your views on gout causes:

  • Firstly, by agreeing how much time and effort you both allocate to identify causes of your gout.
  • Subsequently, by addressing any shared decision-making issues revealed by relevant articles….

Gout Causes Articles

If you're not sure which cause of gout you want to search for, here is a list of popular articles to get you started.

Title or ConcernDescription
Does Furosemide Increase Uric Acid?Gout secondary to Lasix is a common condition. Is there a way to find diuretics that don't cause gout? How does furosemide increase uric acid.
Does Quorn Cause Gout?Switching from meat protein usually helps to prevent gout. But what about meat substitutes? Read is Quorn good for gout.
Rye Bread and GoutDoes rye bread cause gout? A newly diagnosed gout patient wonders if she will recover if she changes her rye bread consumption. Read about rye bread and gout.
Does Tomato Juice Cause Gout?With low purines and high fiber, dates should be good for gout. So, what are the downsides? And what is the best answer to does tomato juice cause gout? Read Is Tomato Juice Good for Gout?.
Is Ice Cream Bad for Gout?Ice cream is different for everyone. The same goes for gout. So think about when your ice cream is bad for your gout. And when is it good for you? Read is ice cream bad for gout.
Foods that Cause GoutWhat foods cause gout? High purine food over many years is bad. But there are 4 more bad food groups. Make gout food safe. See which foods cause gout. Read foods that cause gout.
Which Diuretics Cause Gout?Diuretics cause gout, so what can you do if you need water pills for other health problems? There are alternatives to furosemide (Lasix). See how better choices avoid causing gout. Read furosemide and gout facts.
Drugs that Cause HyperuricemiaWhich drugs cause gout? Be careful to describe all your comorbidities to medics and pharmacists. Here is a list of drugs causing hyperuricemia. Read drugs that cause hyperuricemia.
Can Sugar Give You Gout?Sweets and gout causes two worries. Fears of added weight increasing gout attacks. And fears of sugar raising uric acid. See the sensible way to eat sweets. Read can sugar give you gout.
Why is Pepto-Bismol Bad for Gout?Gout sufferers must avoid Pepto-Bismol. Bismuth subsalicylate is bad for gout. Are any products to fight diarrhea safe? Get Pepto-Bismol and gout facts. Read why is Pepto-Bismol bad for gout.
Gout Caused by StressWe get stressed from gout pain, anxious about uric acid tests. But can emotional stress raise uric acid? Get science facts to stop gout and stress. Read gout caused by stress.
Does Alcohol Cause Gout?Does alcohol affect gout? For some people, alcoholic drinks increase the risk. But for others, they reduce gouty risks. See how alcohol really affects gout. Read does alcohol cause gout.
Lasix and GoutI am CERTAIN that 20 years of thiazide for hypertension CAUSED my gout. I finally made the switch to LASIX (furosemide) which is supposed to have only 25% the effect on uric acid. I fully believe this because when I pee on thiazide it is all salt and when I pee on furosemide, it is almost all water…their mechanics are very different. Alas, the diuretic switch was only made after several years on relatively high dose thiazide and AFTER gout began. Read lasix and gout.
Does Obesity Cause Gout?Avoid gout and obesity. Because excess weight is worse than excess purines for uric acid. But crash diets increase uric acid. So reduce calories slowly. Read does obesity cause gout.
What Foods can Give you Gout?5 bad gout foods are vital to your gout diet. You must understand how food affects gout. Apply rules to your unique situation. Get personal diet help. Read what foods can give you gout.
Reasons for GoutYou wonder why you have gout. Your friends live as you do. But without the agony of gout. They don't have your parents. Get the truth on "why have I got gout?" Read reasons for gout.
What Causes GoutThis is the old index page for gout causes. So, I'm gradually replacing it with new articles linked from this list. In the meantime, it may still be helpful if you need to understand what causes your gout. Read what causes gout.

Gout Causes Summary

For convenience, while learning about gout causes, we might identify different types. But what matters most to you and your doctor is whether the cause is avoidable or not. Because that might affect your choice of uric acid treatment.

Now, in standard gout management, even that doesn't matter. Because allopurinol controls uric acid in most gout sufferers, irrespective of the cause. But if you will not start allopurinol during Phase 5. Or if it proves to be ineffective during Phase 6. You and your medical team must consider if alternatives to allopurinol are more suitable to the causes of your gout.

See if your doctor provides any resources to help you identify different gout causes. Then start a personal gout causes research project to see which apply to you.

5 Types of Gout Causes
5 Types of Gout Causes

What are Your Gout Causes?

I'm working on templates that help you identify, understand, and limit (where possible) your gout causes. In the meantime, you can start by adding notes about what you've learned about your gout causes so far.

All you do is highlight any text that interests you. Then click "Annotations" to personalize any GoutPal page. Which means you can keep your gout causes notes linked here, where you can always find them.

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