Show The World Your Gouty Arthritis

There is nothing like a gout picture to show the world just what gout means.

Gout pictures are great for showing the different symptoms of gout. They help people to understand that gout is much more than a swollen big toe.

You can upload your gout pictures via the gout forum. Please not that whilst anyone can post topics to the gout forum, only registered, logged in members can upload pictures. Registration is free, and adds many other useful features, so you may as well register. See the gout health forum guidelines for more information.

Most of your pictures will be relevant to the gout symptoms forum, but please note that I am interested in seeing any gout related pictures, so please feel free to send all your gout pictures.

How about pictures that reflect your gout treatment, or even your gout diet. Ours is a multi-national, multi-cultural gout forum, so what might seem mundane to you can be extremely interesting and valuable to other people.

For more gout pictures, see the Gout Picture Library.


  • trev

    I have uploaded a test pic, which was recently relevant anyway, to the forum- but was wondering at the time- whether this was to be the repository for ‘ad hoc’ shots while those with a detailed thread would naturally belong in that specific post.
    They could go in both, of course, thus highlighting both the discussion and giving a ready view to others just browsng to see the ‘ best of the worst’ -or compare symptoms in the ‘picture slot’!

    • As you know, I do not get too stuffy about putting things in the “right” place, but pictures are no different in that context than anything else.

      If a picture is relevant to a given topic, then just like a relevant comment, it is better (but not compulsory) to add it in a reply to that topic.

      If it’s “by the way”, then it is much better (but again not compulsory) to start a new topic.

      It can be difficult to get used to this, because when we discuss things in person, we naturally go off at tangents. In an Internet forum, this is usually a bad idea, as someone looking for, say, an explanation of what a tophi is, does not want to be distracted with holiday pictures of someone enjoying a holiday on the beach to recuperate from a tophi operation.

      If the topic in Tech Stuff becomes loaded with ad-hoc pictures, it becomes confusing for people who are trying to find out how to upload pictures

      Note that once a picture is loaded it can be referred to in any thread. It is also available to any other forum or website on the Internet.

      I guess this is crying out for a video explaining the best way to upload pictures and maybe a general commenting guide 💡 . One day ❗

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