In an earlier discussion about prednisone for gout, we had a lot of contributions, but no conclusions. I summarize the main points of the discussion below, but first let me introduce prednisone as one of many gout remedies for pain relief.

Prednisone for Gout 2018

For the latest information, please see Prednisone for Gout. Also, the related reviews of relevant science at Prednisone and Gout Facts for Patients.

It is not gout specific, it is one of the steroid drugs that reduce inflammation, thus relieving pain. It belongs in my Gout Pain Relief pages, which I am currently reviewing. The steroid family of drugs causes much debate, with some people opting for them immediately, as their first choice pain relief, whilst others view them as a last resort. I would like to update my comprehensive guide to gout pain relief, but I’m still not sure how to include prednisone and similar steroids. I may need to include it as an open option, to discuss with your medical team. However, I prefer to make clear recommendations based on medical evidence. If you have any evidence about prednisone for gout, I would appreciate you sharing it below.

Prednisone For Gout: Current Discussion Summary

Nate started the discussion with some information about his own choice of gout remedies:

I was prescribed prednisone to help the swelling and oxycodone (basically Percocet without the acetaminophen) to help alleviate some of the pain. The prednisone is taken where more pills are taken at the onset of the attack and the dosage gradually tapers off after 10 or so days.

Thus, we have a combination pain treatment, which is good for gout pain, but I want to focus on the prednisone here, so I’ll continue with the other key points.

Zip2play offered:

Prednisone over and over comes with it’s own laundry list of problems not the least is a propensity to joint destruction?the last thing a gout sufferer needs.

The first mention of some serious side effects to prednisone, but no details. I have searched for relevant evidence with little luck. Do you have any specific references to joint problems with prednisone? We know that uric acid deposits will cause joint destruction, so if prednisone adds to this, it is a strong pointer to avoid it.

Other contributions to the discussion cast doubt about prednisone dosage for gout, but no clear guidance. Also, the point was made several times that prednisone dosage needs to be tapered off slowly (reduction of 5mg each week was suggested), but again, no references to acceptable medical recommendations or research.

So, the question remains: Is prednisone for gout a good idea, or a disaster waiting to happen?
The consensus seems to be that 20mg per day for a week is well tolerated, but is that sufficient to control gout pain? If not, are combination gout remedies, comprising prednisone with other compatible pain relief the best way?