Following my introduction to Keith’s GoutPal Story, I’ve started this series of posts looking back over the 15 years of GoutPal.

Back in 2005, I was an Internet beginner and gout newbie. But I’d learned enough to see that regular gout sites of the time were of little use to me. Because they were a daunting collection of:

  1. Gout Science I could barely understand.
  2. Gout Hypocracy designed to relieve sufferers of hard-earned cash for spurious reports and snake-oil gout remedies.
  3. Gout Lies that contradicted each other.
  4. Gout Myths based on outdated perceptions of uric acid and its effects.

15 Years of Gout Friendship

So I decided to create a friendly helper for gout sufferers – GoutPal. But the platform that I started with wasn’t very user-friendly. So I tried WordPress and invested some time developing this website where gout sufferers could have their say.

Over 15 years, I’ve tried various types of forum software and other techniques for encouraging gout sufferers (AKA Gouties) to exchange their views. Now, I’m providing personal support through a new gout forum and my help desk. Retaining my reviews and summaries of facts where they’ve always been at

For this website, I’ve decided to summarise my development of GoutPal. Especially with this series, looking back over 15 years of advances in treatment and understanding. And how that’s helped people like David recover from gout

my friends at GoutPal helped me understand it was okay to have flare ups- the crystals were being flushed out.

After the 6 months, I’ve not had another flare up in 3 years. I ski with my kids and enjoy a normal life completely free of any gout symptoms. I still take 40 mg of Uloric per day and my UA runs under 5.

I’m deeply grateful to Keith and the gout forum members who helped me so much when I was desperate almost 4 years ago.

15 Years of Gout Science

As I summarise how gout science has changed, I will focus here on my history of reporting and supporting. So I’ll be quoting from personal views here. Because I believe that encourages you to develop your own views about gout.

Then, I’ll summarize the latest science on Because you need to be able to discuss your gout concerns with your doctor. So it’s best if you’re both aware of current professional recommendations.

Supporting Gout Sufferers since 2005

15 Years of Your Gout

I like to end my articles by directing you towards your next step. Which is usually to discuss your concerns about the topic at hand with your doctor. Now, this is a general gout topic. So I’ll give you some general advice.

Keep up to date with gout treatment changes.

With thousands of gout studies every year, your doctor might not be aware of the latest changes. But I have no medical training. So who do you turn to?

The answer is both! Always get professional health care from your doctor. But use me as well wherever you wish. Because I can help you plan discussions with your doctor. Also, I can help you understand your doctor’s gout advice.

Your next steps are easy:

  1. Whatever your gout concern, type it into the search box near the top of every GoutPal page.
  2. Read your GoutPal search results and make notes. If you need help making notes for your personal gout plans, join my Learners List (see GoutPal Care Service Announcement below).
  3. If you have any questions, experiences, or opinions about your search results, tell me using the Feedback Form near the bottom of every GoutPal Page.

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